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According to Transport Statistics Malaysia, about 95% of road accidents involving vehicles is recorded in the year 2019 (type of vehicles involved are: lorry, van, cars, and motorcycles).

Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham mentioned, “Since May 2020, the number of accidents has been growing to an average of 738 cases daily.” The growing numbers are a concern to many, and that includes fleet business owners.

Without proper solutions, the said issue can lead to bigger disadvantages to fleet owners such as:

✔️ Rising operational costs

✔️ Increase in fraud accidents with false claims

✔️ Jeopardizing the safety and security of vehicles as well as drivers

Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) or dash cam is quickly becoming an essential tool for fleet managers to overcome these issues. Let’s take a look at how KATSANA® solutions help to address your biggest concerns on making sure the safety of your vehicles.

How do I know if I need an MDVR solution?

mdvr lorry truck

✔️ When employees use fleet vehicles without permission

✔️ Unfortunate events always occur and you need to know why it happens

As a fleet manager, gaining greater visibility into your fleet movement or status is vital. MDVR records every minute if any unforeseen events occur.

MDVR’s best feature is, it starts recording when the ignition is on and can be configured to record any motion detected when on parked or standby mode. This feature helps in catching unauthorized use of vehicles or theft.

How do I protect my drivers from false claims?

Fraud accidents and false claims are the common problems faced by fleet managers. Therefore, evidence such as video recordings or visuals is vital to prove against the issue.

mdvr reduce fraud accidents or claims

MDVR provides clear video evidence if any accidents occur, thus improve the insurance claim process and quicker claim resolutions.

video recording of accident between car and lorry
Screenshots of a traffic accident between KATSANA client’s fleet driver and car driver.

How do I promote the safety of my vehicles and drivers?

3 out of 4 fleet managers choose MDVR to reduce recurring vehicle theft and accidents.

But, why?

The year 2020 has recorded an average of 84 stolen vehicles daily with fleet vehicles (heavy vehicles) totaling up to 1,550 units. Over the past six months this year, fleet owners in Selangor are affected by a syndicate of stealing lorries which causes a big loss on operational cost, threatening drivers’ safety as well as missing goods.

Hence, it is important for fleet owners to take a serious countermeasure on this matter.

MDVR is best to ensure the safety and security of both drivers and vehicles. The tool is able to coach drivers with safe driving attitudes. When trips are recorded, fleet managers are able to review:

✔️ Any distracted driving during movement

✔️ Event videos playback

✔️ Checkpoint stops

✔️ Goods movement and delivery at destination

With a clear view of video playback features, fleet managers can access real-time safety data and ensure the safety of the vehicles at all times.

An average of 50% of MDVR users; fleet owners, saw an improvement in goods safety and driving behavior using video recording. Some of our clients, who are utilizing KATSANA® MDVR solutions for safety are:

companies using mdvr in fleet vehicles

How do I cut costs with the MDVR solution?

MDVR solution provides safety fleet data including video trip history, events videos playback, and driving behavior. From these data, fleet managers are able to get insights into unnecessary expenses. Some of our MDVR customers reported these savings:

✔️ 5% decrease in false claims (include accident claims and travel claims)

✔️ 6% decrease in repair costs due to accidents and maintenance works

✔️ 10% reduction of insurance liabilities due to road accidents

How do I increase productivity with the MDVR solution?

Video recording solutions allow fleet managers to improve vehicles’ security and safety, cost-efficient, and improve drivers’ safe driving programs.

KATSANA® MDVR solution has helped many of our customers to improve about 53% of fleet productivity; from planning better routes to ensure fleet safety, manage costs from unnecessary expenses (such as false claims, repairs, and maintenance) to advocating drivers with safe driving via video recording.


MDVR coupled with fleet management technology give a significant impact on the fleet industry in terms of safety and security.

We understand the need of every different fleet, thus with effective implementation and strategy, MDVR solutions may help you to achieve a positive ROI.

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