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Modernising Fleet Operations for the Digital Age

No. 1 Fleet Management System in Malaysia and the region

KATSANA boasts a range of unified Fleet Management Solutions that powers numerous wide-ranging industries by providing fleet operators with a complete visibility of daily operations.

Complete overview of Fleet Operations

KATSANA® is a suite of modern Fleet Management Solutions built for the industry to provide fleet managers with a complete overview of ground operation.

KATSANA® Fleet is flexible and can easily accommodate fleets of various sizes. We have fleets as small as 3 to as big as 3500 vehicles using and trusting KATSANA® Fleet Management solutions.

Fleet with Katsana Technology
Track Vehicle Location & Status in Real-Time

Advanced Vehicle Tracking System with the Fastest location update in the industry.
Smart Update feature to provide fleet managers with real-time location of vehicles.

Longest historical data storage in the industry

Review all travel route, reports and summaries for 365 days.
Longer data storage is available on request.

Automated daily and weekly reports

Important reports are generated automatically and sent to fleet managers email on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Modern Fleet Operation Dashboard for a modern industry

Get the overview of the entire fleet in a single dashboard. The dashboard summarizes important incidents and events for easy consumption by fleet managers.

Driver Management & Identification

Manage driver profiles, licenses, certificates, and vehicle assignment. Keep track of driver performance and driving safety.

Service and Maintenance Dashboard

Centralize and digitalize fleet services and maintenance records onto a unified platform. Upload receipts, invoices and comments for each service done.

Multi-fleets and multi-managers enabled

Manage multiple fleets using a single account and add managers to handle different fleets or branchers, however you like.

Extensive list of reports, exportable in PDF, CSV

All vehicle and driver reports are exportable to PDF and CSV format for printing.

Instant alerts

Receive immediate alerts for critical incidents such as vehicle movement, high speed, fuel theft and others. Alerts are sent to mobile apps, platform, or email.

Tell Us Your Needs

KATSANA is guided by you, the industry.
Tell us what you need, we’ll get it done.

Fleet with Katsana Technology
API-centric Platform

Integrate your existing applications and enterprise platforms such as ERP, PowerBI, SAP and others using KATSANA powerful and secure API.

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Activate and Analyse Data from a wide range of Connected Sensors

KATSANA Fleet is a complete fleet management solution with comprehensive upgrades, add-ons and additional sensors to meet the needs of an evolving fleet.

Select additional modules from our list of upgrades; all well integrated into a singular, unified platform for your fleet.

Connected Sensors

Seat Belt Sensor

Fuel Level Sensor

Tank Volume: 181 Litres

Rotational Sensor


PTO Sensor

RFID Sensor

Sensor Reports

Alert: Fuel Theft

9 March

William Chia

ID Type: Biometric

Alert: Outside Work Hour

Download Report

Connect additional sensors to retrieve more data from your fleet of vehicles.
View sensor data in real-time on KATSANA Fleet Platform. Important events are automatically logged for easy retrieval in reports.
Download and export reports in PDF, CSV. Receive reports via Email, SMS or integrate with KATSANA Platform API.

20+ connected sensors

available for upgrades

30+ operational reports

ready for view and download

12 turnkey solutions

ready for immediate deployment

Sensor Reports

Machine Hour Reports


Download Report

Real-time Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel is one of the biggest spending for fleet operators. An efficiently managed fuel usage can save you tens of thousands of dollars a month.
Keep track of fuel usage and detect potential fuel theft using KATSANA's real-time fuel sensor.

Continuous fuel level reading & alert of possible fuel theft

Reduce wastage - Detect irregular fuel usage or sudden fuel drop.

Fuel consumption report

Generate fuel consumption report for easy review of fuel spending in the fleet.

Temperature Monitoring System for Cold Chain Logistics

Ensure the freshness of food and consumable goods by making sure it is transported within an acceptable temperature range.

Real-time temperature reading and alert of non-compliance

Configure the temperature thresholds and receive instant alert upon any temperature breach.

Temperature compliance report

Download and print temperature report for review and delivery document.

Liquid Level Monitoring System for Crude Palm Oil Transportation

Get real-time volume reading of palm oil and other valuable liquids & chemicals during transport.

Array of Liquid Level Sensors for each tank compartment

Install multiple level sensors across tank compartments for precise reading of palm oil level.

Liquid & Oil dispensing and volume report

Download and print palm oil dispensing report, dispensing location and other volumetric data.

Shuttle Bus Management and Real-time Public Bus Tracking

Provide bus commuters with real-time location tracking, enabling them to get estimated time of arrival to plan daily commute.

Route Assignment and Shuttle Performance Report

Assign routes to specific bus & trip, and measure the on-time performance of each driver.

Automatic Passenger Counting

Using AI cameras, automatically understand popularity of specific routes based on ridership rate. Computer Vision such as drowsiness and phone usage.

Precision Farming for Agriculture and Plantations

Reduce cost by precisely dispensing fertilizer & persticides, ensuring a complete coverage with minimal overlap of material applied.

Vehicle Utilisation and Movement Optimisation

Review under-utilised vehicles and assigned them to plots for faster harvest.

Harvesting Performance and Management Report

Generate instant harvesting performance report by plot or segment or vehicles.

KATSANA Fleet Management and Industrial Sensors solutionsare developed to meet the exact needs of the industry. Each solution is the result of deep customer understanding through extensive research to identify problem statement and operational needs prior to solution roll-out.

We take pride in our industry-focused solutions thanks to your input, our customers.
Driver Identification, Authorization & Vehicle Access Control Management System

Manage driver’s risk on the road by enabling real-time video recording (MDVR) that streams driving footage directly to your office. Together with DriveMark behavior score algorithm, you will be able to significantly reduce risk in the fleet.

Driver Identification via RFID, iButton, BLE, Biometric & NRIC

Up to 8 Channel 1080P Live Streaming and recording on 4G Network. Dashboard Camera available with Ultra-HD 4K resolution.

Allow vehicle movement by authorized drivers only

Only authorized drivers can switch on the engine. Prevent unauthorized access by personnel and at specific time.

Remote Engine Shutdown

Disable or Switch Off vehicle ignition for unauthorized usages. Immobilize vehicle when serious incident happens.

Digital Driver Logbook

Remove manual logbook processes that are prone to abuse and error. Automate logbook signing complete with vehicle usage data such as trip distance, location of visits and behavior score.

DriveLog app for iOS and Android

Enable drivers to submit refuel events, receipts and other expenditure when using company vehicles.

Driver Performance and Safety Ranking

Configure speed limits, area restrictions, working hours and other policies to meet your fleet operating conditions.

Vehicle Booking Management

Manage vehicle usage the modern way. Enable drivers to book slots for vehicle use, with approvals from managers ensuring reduction of abuse and improve efficiency.

Task Management, Assignment & Scheduling

Create and assign tasks to drivers, check completion status and driver performance.

Driver Attendance & Enrollment

Create driver profile based on NRIC or Katsana Driver Tags. Monitor their performance and safety score.

Real-time in-Vehicle Video Monitoring & Driver Behavior and Safety Scoring

Manage driver’s risk on the road by enabling real-time video recording (MDVR) that streams driving footage directly to your office. Together with DriveMark behavior score algorithm, you will be able to significantly reduce risk in the fleet.

Mobile Digital Video Recording (MDVR) with Live Streaming add-on

Up to 8 Channel 1080P Live Streaming and recording on 4G Network.
Dashboard Camera available with Ultra-HD 4K resolution.

In-Cabin, Cargo, Front and Rear Recording

Configurable cameras with Infra-Red (IR) Nightvision, Fish-eye lense, or Wide-eye lenses.

Video-based safety, powered by AI

Detection of risky behavior using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision such as drowsiness and phone usage.

Driver Behavior Score powered by DriveMark

National Driver Score algorithm that precisely measure risks and behavior of your fleet drivers, enabling you to quickly identify risky behavior and reduce accidents.

Driver Score and Behavior Report

Automated behavior report and alerts of risky incidents direct to your email.

Fleet Policy & Restrictions

Configure speed limits, area restrictions, working hours and other policies to meet your fleet operating conditions.

Seatbelt Warning Sensor

Detect drivers not wearing seatbelt and alert the command center for action.

Panic Button and SOS Alert

Notify command center immediately in case of emergency.

Warning Buzzer for unsafe driving

Audible alert when the driver overspeeds beyond a configured speed threshold.

More Fleet Productivity Measurement Tools & Sensors
Door and Cargo Hold Sensor
Arm Movement Sensor
PTO Sensor
Rotational Sensor
Machine Hour Sensor
RFID Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Fuel Level Sensor
Seat Belt Warning Sensor
Battery Voltage Sensor
Bluetooth Sensor for Driver Identification
Biometric Fingerprint Sensor for Driver Identification
Malaysia NRIC Reader for Driver Identification
OBD2 / CAN Bus Reader & Control
Count Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Movement Sensor
Weight Sensor
Passenger Count Camera
More Sensors

GPS Fleet Tracker reviews by real fleet managers

Fleet managers all over Malaysia love GPS Fleet trackers to manage their fleets.

The fleets have enjoyed significant savings, improvement in security and managed to recover stolen vehicles and assets.

Read what they have to say about our quality of service and reliability of the KATSANA GPS Fleet and car tracking system.

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