October 25, 2021

How Do I Save Cost and Improve My Fleet Maintenance?

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Fuel efficiency and driver, productivity are some of the factors that contribute to smooth fleet operations. Vehicles’ health condition is the most important factor that many overlook.

Service and maintenance in fleet vehicles are playing a huge role for fleet owners to stay within budget, maintain vehicle uptime and productivity.

Let’s dive into some of the evidence to prove the statement.

Evidence 1:

Rapid Bus recorded an increase in cost on bus spare parts in 2 consecutive years from 2018-2019 (22.3%) and 2019-2020 (8.56%). This is because of the aging bus that requires higher maintenance costs on spare parts.

Evidence 2:

In early September 2021, a truck accidentally pinned a yellow Myvi and a few other cars due to brake failure near Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, Kuala Lumpur. This incident requires a huge amount of budget, and the costs covered is for:

✔️ Repair and service due to accident.
✔️ Maintenance works on spare parts due to brake failure.
✔️ Summons to PDRM due to traffic accident.
✔️ Compound to JPJ due to non-compliance of vehicles parts (brakes, etc).

Should I be concerned about service and maintenance on my fleet budget?

Yes, you definitely should be worried about it. About 35% of the total operating budget goes under the service and maintenance of fleet vehicles.

To operate efficiently, fleet vehicles need to undergo constant maintenance, scheduled service, and periodic inspections at PUSPAKOM.

KATSANA® Fleet Management System is here to help you minimize the risk of pouring a lot of cost into managing your fleet maintenance and services.

3 Features KATSANA® Fleet Management Dashboard Can Help Save Cost and Improve Fleet Maintenance

Automated scheduling for services, oil changes, and other preventive maintenance activities

Set reminders for any maintenance activities is crucial to prevent overdue services. Overdue services can cause:

✔️ Higher costs incurred as many parts may need to be replaced.
✔️ Vehicles’ health conditions worsen.
✔️ Vehicles and drivers are prone to face unforeseen circumstances on the road.
✔️ More costs to cover if any incidents happen.

Automated scheduling is a great feature to ensure streamlined maintenance across vehicles.

fleet maintenance

Fleet managers are able to take effective control of each vehicle’s schedule, preventing overdue servicing/maintenance and better cost management.

Overview of complete service and maintenance history of each vehicle

Why do I need to record all maintenance and service activities?

An overview of all service and maintenance activities is important to:

✔️ Keep track of costs for each service.
✔️ Record specific repairs for every vehicle.
✔️ Ensure each vehicle is serviced and maintained on time.
✔️ Be constantly updated on resources used (spare parts, inventory, etc.).

fleet maintenance

Tracking service records using KATSANA® Fleet Service and Maintenance platform provides better cost control on vehicle maintenance works as it records an accurate amount of costs for every service.

fleet maintenance

Fleet owners have also recorded an average of 6% cost saving for each vehicle that is serviced on time when using fleet management software.

The extra data helps to make a better decision

A regular mileage service is not good enough to ensure the perfect condition of the vehicle’s engine and components.

Fleet managers can determine vehicle health accurately with extra data such as driving behaviour.

Monitoring drivers’ behaviour can help reduce fleet maintenance costs by identifying braking, speeding, acceleration, and cornering. Fleet management software is able to improve poor driving habits with those data. This exercise can prevent accidents caused by drivers’ carelessness and minimize repair costs.

With these extra data, fleet managers are able to get a clearer picture of its actual maintenance needs and:

✔️ Save costs on repair and maintenance works.
✔️ Minimize expensive vehicle downtime.
✔️ Improve negative driving behaviour.
✔️ Lengthen the lifetime of the vehicle’s wear and tear.

We truly understand the struggle to be productive and to keep the vehicles performing optimally good on the road.

At KATSANA®, we help you to streamline maintenance costs and processes to ease your fleet management, and make sure the vehicles are worry-free on the road.

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