August 27, 2021

Smart Reporting for Fleet Managers (WFH Edition)

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The year 2021 comes with significant impacts of COVID-19, forcing many fleet managers to migrate from daily field operations to remote operations. However, vehicle operators/drivers are still required to work on the field to ensure deliveries are met.
Another challenge to overcome after adapting to remote operations is inefficient fleet reports at a time when businesses are trying to manage their budgets. Inefficient reporting needs to be improved as it wastes time and money, reduces the quality of work, and also damages employees’ morale.

Smarter Reports, Smarter Decisions

Accurate, up-to-date fleet data is key to making efficient reports that will help greatly with smarter business decisions. KATSANA® Fleet Reporting helps to manage your operations and accurate fleet data in real-time:

  • Identify historical, current, and future events
  • Real-time maps of all vehicle locations
  • View unauthorized vehicle usage
  • Manage and control route efficiency
  • Verify fuel expenditures and fraud
  • Geofences feature to reduce unauthorized and off-hours vehicle usage

Key Reports Every Fleet Manager Needs

K1: Fleet status summary

fleet report: fleet status summary
Access to a summary of vehicle trips by daily, weekly, or monthly.

K2: Vehicle log report

fleet report: vehicle log report
Analysis of vehicle current movement, status, and assigned drivers.

K3: Fuel and refuel records

fleet report: daily fuel and refuel
Detailed reports on fuel consumption to ensure efficiency and prevent fuel wastage.

K4: Checkpoint reporting

fleet report: vehicle checkpoints
Vehicle logs of any entry and exits of a checkpoint by time and date.

K5: Travel route report

Reports on driving violations, distance traveled, idling time, and more.

K6: Vehicle movement

fleet report: vehicle movement
Detailed reports on the start and end of a trip, duration of the journey, and delivery IDs.

K7: Violations log report

Reports on set policies including movement, speed, area, and more.

Benefits of Smart Fleet Reports

Logistic optimization ?

Real-time, detailed reports help fleet managers to properly route and schedule fleets while ensuring that individual interactions and deliveries are done in compliance with COVID-19 SOPs. Such automated reports also help to manage fuel consumption and driving behaviors effectively, whereby managers can act on to coach their drivers remotely via the KATSANA® platform.

Employee Morale ❤️

When managers have quick access to sensor-generated data, they will be able to act quickly when necessary to help their fleet drivers. Availability of accurate data and report reduces uncertainty, leading to better decision-making for the manager. Managers will be able to give their employees a clear sense of direction hence boosting productivity.

Asset management ?

Knowing where your assets are 24/7.
For example, KATSANA® Fleet Management System allows managers to quickly locate or check up on fleet vehicles whenever needed. If there are occurrences of incidents or accidents, managers would also be able to view/retrieve live visual recordings of the situation around the fleet vehicle. This helps managers to act upon and inform the management with visual information in near real-time.

Fleet Life Cycle Management ?

– maintaining fleet vehicles, so managers know when they need to be replaced.
A detailed fleet report helps managers to be constantly updated on their fleet vehicles’ diagnostic data like engine health, battery voltage, tire pressure, and more. With a fleet management system, they can do these checkups remotely without much difficulty. This diagnostic information also helps managers to maximize uptime and improve operational efficiency.

Fleet Reports Made Simple

A system that helps to automate reports with accurate data helps the management as a whole to make better decisions. It also gives more space for them to focus on customers and ways to improve business profitability.
Reach out to us today. Let us know how we could help you to make better fleet reports.

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