September 01, 2020

How To Reduce Stolen Cars Cases With This Vehicle Tracking System?

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vehicle tracking system

When it comes to protecting vehicles, every car owner is encouraged to install a vehicle tracking system.

This comes as the number of stolen cars is increasing every day. Recent news has reported that at least 1 vehicle is stolen every 24 minutes.

While taking precaution approaches such as having a steering lock is necessary, we also need to take extra measure.

This is where KATSANA advanced GPS Tracking System comes into the picture, because it can help you protect your assets effectively without worry.

The Current State of Stolen Cars in Malaysia

Vehicle theft is getting more serious these days as at least one vehicle is stolen every 24 minutes. This is such a high probability and every owner should be aware of this.

This means the protection towards vehicles should also increase to avoid from being one of the victims. One of the best ways would be to install a GPS tracking system.

Among the best options would be KATSANA advanced GPS Tracking System because it can help you protect your assets effectively without worry.

In today’s world, vehicles are essential to most people as they are utilised to carry daily routines whether it is for personal use or for working purposes.

This is why losing it would be infuriating as you need it to carry your everyday life whether it is going to work, sending your children to school, or just to hang around.

This is why it is vital to always be cautious and take extra precautions to protect your vehicles such as by installing a GPS tracking system for cars as well as other vehicles.

Using Technology to Prevent Cars From Being Stolen

vehicle tracking system
As mentioned before, vehicle owners should also be aware of more ways to protect your valuable assets as the thieves are getting more creative in coming up with ways to steal them.

One of the most effective options would be to install an audible alarm system as it will produce ear-splitting sound when someone attempts to enter your vehicle with force.

This will not only shock the thieves but will also draw attention towards the area and thus will scare them off.

Even if they are still brave enough to continue, you will have enough witness to help you recover your vehicle which will ease the process.

Next, you can also install a GPS tracking system. To keep up with these tech-savvy thieves, you should install an advanced GPS tracking system such as that offered by KATSANA.

KATSANA Track’s Features
vehicle tracking system

KATSANA advanced GPS tracking system will alert you by sending notifications if there are movement, entry and exit activity, low battery, risky driving and speeding alert.

This vehicle tracking system is such a clever technology, it would notify whenever there is an unplanned trip using your vehicle as soon as it moves, to prevent theft.

It also allows you to keep track of your vehicle and your staff or family members when you are not with them. Your social creds can also be shared online with your network.

The application is also so advanced that you can track multiple moving vehicles at once and in real-time.

This is very beneficial and comprehensive for employers with business involving multiple vehicles so they do not have to have several accounts and applications.

KATSANA also provides up to 365 days of data history storage, allowing you to review past trips accurately just in case you need it.

Sometimes it is just not your luck and if your vehicle still happens to be stolen, you can just contact KATSANA and inform them so they can start taking the necessary steps to recover your asset.

How Does KATSANA Recover Stolen Cars in 2 Hours?

vehicle tracking system

Still wonder why you should trust KATSANA and install the system for your vehicle? Besides all the amazing features that they provide, they are also not all talk and no actions.

This is because they have recovered more than 98% of cases of stolen vehicles making them the best GPS tracking system in Malaysia with the highest recovery rate.

One of the prime examples would be when they recovered one of their customers’ Honda Civic conveniently in just 2 Hours. They did so very swiftly by working with the authorities.

The incident happened when the owner received two notifications saying their vehicle is moving and leaving the house. This led the owner to inform KATSANA as soon as possible.

The team was conveniently sent to track and recover the car which was successfully done in less than an hour. KATSANA then passed the case to the police to take over for the next steps.

This shows that their team is responsive and good at doing their work. This also proves that they are dependable so you can trust your beloved vehicles to them.

Besides, they are also one of the best in the business which has earned them all sorts of customers with various kinds of vehicles and not only serves private vehicles such as cars.
vehicle tracking system
Among the other types of vehicle that have had their advanced GPS tracking system installed includes commercial vehicles that are used for construction, farming, or mining.

Some examples of the vehicles are cargo trucks, buses, trailers, garbage trucks, and heavy machineries. This proves that they are versatile, trusted and used by different types of customers.

To conclude, KATSANA sure is one of the best in this area and if you want to know more about the private vehicle tracking system, click here now to protect your beloved assets!