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KATSANA is a data company focusing on usage-based insurance & connected cars. Our prediction and gamification engine excels in understanding driver behaviour patterns, scoring drivers based on actual risk on the road, and engage them to become better drivers.

We work with motor insurers and auto manufacturers to enable safer roads for all through a unified & API-centric automotive platform.

Industry-Leading Solutions

We engineer several telematics solutions for different sectors. From the proven GPS tracking system for consumer vehicles, to the industry-leading Fleet Management System and finally the advanced usage-based insurance solutions for motor insurers.


For modern, data-driven motor insurer

Reduce motor claims through precise behavior data

KATSANA Insight™ allows motor insurers to drastically reduce motor claims loss by empowering motor insurers with behavior data. It improves drivers driving behavior, thus creating safer roads and lowering risks.

Behavioral Analysis through Telematics

Get in-depth understanding of your insured vehicles, complete with driving patterns.

Keep good drivers to stay with you by rewarding good road behaviors with tangible savings. Good drivers are invaluable; thus the ability to identify and reward them is important in ensuring continuous loyalty to your motor insurance company.

Equally important is the ability to identify reckless behavior as it happens. Often, all it takes is just a ‘nudge’ to advise risky drivers to behave slightly better on the road. Detect them early to coach and reduce claim risks. KATSANA Insight™ allows you to do just that, and more.

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Proven vehicle tracking system for consumer

Secure & protect your vehicle

KATSANA Track™ comes with numerous security and notification features to help you keep a constant watch over your vehicles and safety of family members.


Recovery rate of stolen cars


Seconds update interval


Minutes avg time recovery


Industry-leading Fleet Management System for enterprises

Better operations, lower motor insurance

KATSANA Fleet™ boasts the best suite of solutions engineered to help enterprises improve accountability of drivers, reduce operational costs and better, reduce your fleet motor insurance.


Risky behaviours reduction


Year data storage


Location data daily

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