Easily track the location of your precious vehicles.

Using our Advanced GPS Tracking System, Katsana allows you to retrieve the location of your vehicles in an affordable and efficient manner.

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Locate stolen vehicles quickly without breaking your wallet.

Katsana is designed by drivers for our Malaysia drivers. Your vehicles are safe with us.

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Dapatkan KATSANA Track™ Pro bersama RM 10,000 Insurans Kecurian (Tunai) Beli Sekarang
Track Vehicles

Track Cars, Trucks, Superbikes

Our tracking device is easy to install and will not void the vehicle's warranty.

Track Kids

Track children and belongings

Small and portable, it can be used to track children and belongings.

1 car is stolen every 24 minutes Motor vehicle theft is on the rise. According to latest statistics, a car in Malaysia is lost every 24 minutes. What's more, less than 1 out of 10 cars are recovered and returned to the owners.

* According to Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad Statistical Bulletin

Katsana Live GPS Tracking System

Track your vehicles anywhere, anytime. All the time.

Be protected. Katsana allows you to track vehicle location instantly to better improve chances of recovering your car.

Our sophisticated and advanced GPS tracking system is tailor-built for Malaysia's car-loving drivers.

Affordable and efficient GPS Tracking Service

Katsana is specially engineered to be inexpensive to install, and best still, very economical to maintain.

We are drivers ourselves and we know that the cost for existing vehicle tracking services are out of reach for us, average drivers in Malaysia.

Here comes Katsana, your new best friend.

Marine & Vessel Tracking System

Ensuring vehicle safety with KatsanaEveryone can now protect their vehicles with Katsana's affordable GPS Tracking
and Fleet management system.

Advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system for modern business

Intuitive and easy-to-use features that let you focus on what matters most; running your business. We take care of vehicle safety for you.

iPhone & iPad GPS Tracking app

Peace of mind

Your location data is stored securely on our cloud servers and easily accessible via our web tracking platform or iPhone/iPad/Android apps. Review vehicle geo-history anywhere, anytime.

New features that leap other systems

With Katsana GPS Tracking system, getting new tools and features is as easy as updating your mobile application. Our apps are constantly updated with new intuitive features.

Numbers, intimate and detailed

Katsana offers an in-depth view of vehicle location information, filterable by date & time. We also provide quick statistics to ease you in reviewing vehicle journey and travel information.

Does not void vehicle warranty

Unlike other intrusive GPS trackers, Katsana is perfectly safe for your vehicles. It will not alter existing wiring or cause unknown damage in the future. Katsana is designed to be your car's best companion.

Easy to conceal

Katsana GPS Tracker require very minimal wiring, does it is very easy for you to hide it anywhere within your vehicle.

Running all the time

Unlike other trackers, Katsana GPS tracker will still work even when your car battery is cut.

Advanced features

We constantly add new algorithms and features to assist you in manipulating the geolocation data assigned to your vehicles.

Made in Europe, two years warranty

Katsana GPS Tracking device is manufactured in Europe, abiding strict European standards. You are assured that Katsana tracking device is the highest quality available in the market which means you have the best tool to secure and monitor your vehicles.

Katsana GPS Tracker certifications, RoHS, SIRIM, DNV ISO9001

Not convinced yet? See what our customers have to say

GPS Tracker for FleetWe can't afford full blown fleet management system. But now with Katsana, we are able to do vehicle maintenance and optimize our delivery routes with the price that we can afford. Our dealers are impressed with our 30 minutes or less delivery. The promise is only made possible by employing Katsana. Jason Tan, CEO, Aerowave Enterprise

Testimonial AfiqCar security is my main priority due to recent rampant car theft incidents. Katsana provided me just that; enabling me to have peace of mind knowing the car whereabout is just a few clicks away. Afiq Syarifuddin, Property Market Analyst

Testimonial MunirahAs someone who work closely with commercial properties in the city centre, I am accustomed to travelling short distances. Katsana is excellent for keeping track of my travel information, for claiming purpose. It is convenient and stable, on top of other services it provides me. Thanks Katsana! Munirah Roslan, Property Leasing Consultant

Testimonial HusseinBeing a car enthusiast, I have spent a lot of time and money customizing my cars. Having Katsana gives me the assurance that I am doing my best to protect my car from being stolen. In addition, its' size made it even more convenient for me to hide it anywhere within the car. Muhammad Hussein, Petaling Jaya

Sounds good. I want Katsana™ now. A stellar package for your safety & productivity.

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