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Logistic Management Made Safe and Easy with KATSANA

Like many of our clients at KATSANA, transporting multi-million dollar equipment is part of the everyday operations and risks. WCM Machinery is one of the early adopters of KATSANA FleetTM . KATSANA fleet management isn’t just limited to managing logistics for fleet, it also offers multiple layers of security protection.

With KATSANA FleetTM lorry tracker, we were able to prevent a syndicate from getting away from stealing our client’s vehicle carrying valuable goods. Just within an hour since the time of reported theft, the stolen lorry was retrieved. KATSANA team was able to immediately locate the vehicle, and relay key informations to the police.

Police were able to move in and retrieve the lorry along with another stolen truck. The culprits behind the syndicate was apprehended hiding in the vicinity of the location.

How KATSANA helps business prevent theft loss

What differentiates KATSANA from other tracking services is that the GPS tracking device attached to the vehicle is constantly in-sync to our servers. The instant the vehicle initiates a move outside of its predetermined operating hours or other policy restriction, push notification alert will be sent to the fleet managers and drivers.

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Instantaneous feedback on potential theft

logistic management instant notification

KATSANA allows for immediate intervention. The ability to do so has resulted to an overall 98% percent of vehicle theft recoveries thus far. Conventional GPS tracker faces practicality issues when it comes to dealing with vehicle thefts. More often than not, it takes hours for fleet managers or drivers to be aware that a vehicle is missing and only track vehicle when it is too late.

Delay in obtaining crucial informations will likely results to total irrecoverable loss of valuable cargo. Hence, when it comes to protecting your fleet, being able to take immediate response makes significant difference.

Disable Engine Remotely

logistic management vehicle immobilizer

In cases where precious cargo is involved, KATSANA’s vehicle immobilizer helps to provide additional protection. Immediately upon identifying potential theft, the engine can be disabled, preventing the stolen vehicle from reaching its intended hideout. It is very unlikely the culprits is capable of unloading cargos in plain sight without specialized equipments or at least, raise flags to the public. In which case, the culprits will have to abandon the stolen vehicle along with its cargo.

Precise turn by turn location tracking

KATSANA tracking beacon logs location of vehicles every 1-10 seconds or at every turn the vehicle makes. Frequent logs at optimized industry standard for vehicle tracking enables the system to accurately pinpoint vehicle location. Unlike other gimmick devices in the market, KATSANA puts practicality first in vehicle tracking at the core of our service.

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