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Celcom 5G Mobile Network enables fastest connectivity for businesses

It’s a brand new technology, bringing us into a brand new era, a quantum leap we’ve not seen before. That’s 5G. It’s not just a bump in speed, it revolutionizes the tech industry, how businesses operates and offer services, in particular, a win for Internet of things (IoT).

CELCOM has just recently set the precedence of rolling out 5G infrastructure by launching Malaysia’s First 5G trial. A few notable corporations were invited to witness the trial, KATSANA as a Celcom partner, included.

5G (roughly about 18Gbps – equivalent to downloading several HD movies in 2 seconds), goes beyond average consumer needs. It’s a step up for businesses where demands for connectivity and communication is much higher.

Azwan Khan Osman launching 5G trial
Azwan Khan Osman Khan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business Operations, Celcom Axiata Berhad introducing to the press and partners, a brief overview on what to expect from 5G infrastructure by Celcom.


With the infrastructure of 5G is currently in blueprints, it enables tech-savvy businesses to offer creative solutions and services that helps other businesses improve bottom lines.

Predictive Maintenance in Fleet Management Solution

The capability of anticipating future failures in mechanical parts or wear and tear is enabled by sensors feeding information to service providers.

  • Vendors and purchase order for spare parts are sent days in advance as vehicle sensors are triggered.
  • Flagged vehicles due for maintenance are scheduled to be at workshop bay by the time the parts arrive.

The seamless connection between various stages of operation removes messy interdepartmental paperwork, prevents delay in operation, and eliminates human error.



celcom 5g trial robot
Mr. Surinderdeep Singh, Head of Enterprise Business & Solutions, Celcom observes as an exhibitor demonstrate a robotic arm being controlled using hand gestures

Learn How KATSANA is already helping businesses move things

Usage-based Insurance in Malaysia

Insurance companies are looking into new models of charging insurance premium to drivers, particularly in Malaysia with the upcoming motor insurance de-tarrification this coming July.

Generally, insurance provider prefer to reward low risk drivers with better premium to ensure brand loyalty, and potentially slap reckless driver with a higher quote to offset the risks.

An answer to this would be ‘Usage-Based Insurance’, an already well-known and popular relationship model in the insurance industry.

Matching Risks to Drivers

Telematics allow insurers to match driver’s risks with proportionate premiums based on

  • yearly actual distance commute
  • route driving environment
  • driving astuteness

Thus, the ability to collect, understand and analyse driving behavior allows insurers to provide drivers with a fairer insurance premium compared to conventional models.

Without Usage-based insurance model, competent drivers may end up paying exorbitant premiums due to overgeneralization of demographic driving behaviour. A pool of young teenage drivers may likely pay higher premiums compared to seasoned drivers.

Usage-based insurance model helps distinguish and pinpoint your actual risk. For competent drivers, usage-based insurance offers a fairer model to cut insurance cost.

KATSANA is a Celcom partner
From center to right, Mr. Izham Khalil, Head of Commercial Business, Celcom, Iqwan Zarif, Marketing Manager, KATSANA, Mr. Johan Yusoff Manuel, Senior Account Manager, Celcom.


The road ahead is exciting for us at KATSANA. 5G-enabled world is still beyond our current imagination, and there’s no telling where it could lead to. So far we’ve seen only the tip of the iceberg.

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