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KATSANA mobile app enables location sharing to anyone, anywhere.

If you are already have KATSANA GPS tracker installed in your car,

Here are 4 ways sharing live vehicle tracking will make life easier for you

Preventing car thefts

If you’ve got a KATSANA vehicle tracking system installed, you will likely receive a notification telling you someone is driving off with your car, (ie: it is being stolen). With KATSANA share location feature, you will be able to pass on crucial information to officials for a quick action.

To date, KATSANA has over 96% success rate in retrieving stolen vehicles, at an average of 68 minutes. This has a lot do with KATSANA comprehensive vehicle tracking solution. The features and development behind it aren’t gimmicks, it’s developed from us learning from our users, you.

location sharing KATSANA app
Determine the duration you need the tracker to be active. Convenient sharing feature lets family and friends keep track and anticipate your arrival.
Sharing family rides

Before you know it, teenagers gets their first license and the next thing you know they’ll be itching to take the family car out for a ride. Whether you let them, is entirely your call, but if you ever do, know that you can have them share live location tracked for the entire duration that they are out.

Location Sharing on Balik kampung Trips

So holiday season kicks in, and the long drive back home awaits. Take the worry away from loved ones waiting by sharing location feeds live. The best thing about it, folks at home won’t need a KATSANA app installed to track your trip. The tracker works on any web browser, and can be shared through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, to name a few. So expect a welcoming party right on cue as you reach home.

location sharing using messenger
Let loved-ones keep track, even when they don’t have the KATSANA app installed. Share links to Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.
Car-pooling with friends

We’ve all been here, picking up friends from home, carpooling to work or simply out for mamak. As if coordinating a pickup plan isn’t tedious enough, informing you are just 1 minute away while driving is downright challenging and not to mention illegal. Live location sharing takes the hassle off rushing to your sudden arrival.

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