December 23, 2021

GPS Tracking: 3 Ways to Prevent Vehicle Theft

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Vehicle theft becomes a common crime (now called a syndicate) in Malaysia. According to the Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia Berhad (VTREC), an average of 6% of commercial vehicles are stolen in the year 2019. Although the number is reduced by 1% in 2020 last year, the ongoing crime syndicate (for commercial vehicles) is still a concern to many fleet owners.

It is important to outsmart the thieves. Fleet owners should take extra precautions to prevent vehicle theft, minimize fleet risks, and reduce replacement costs. Anti-theft devices such as GPS trackers are essential to keep those thieves at bay.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking is a system that enables you to track and locate vehicles on the map. At KATSANA®, our GPS tracking system is engineered with advanced telematics data that integrates seamlessly into your daily operations to prevent any unwanted theft.

How KATSANA® GPS Tracking Solutions Work

We install GPS trackers on each vehicle and by using the 4G network KATSANA® connects the device & thousands of sensors to the cloud, providing real-time data which is accessible online at any time.

How KATSANA® GPS Tracking Solutions Work

How Can I Prevent Vehicle Theft and Protect My Assets?

Maintaining vehicle safety and protecting them is not an easy task, especially if any theft can be prevented through simple tracking solutions.

The key is; don’t wait and start now!

Let’s learn more about how KATSANA® GPS Tracking Solutions can help you track and protect your assets.

1. Locate vehicles anytime and anywhere on the map

No more spending endless time calling your drivers and searching for vehicles.

With a simple and quick installation of a GPS tracker on your vehicles, daily location updates and activities are easily accessible on digital devices. Monitor all vehicles with ease on a unified platform (KATSANA® Fleet Management System) that can be customized by tagging and filtering features. Track your vehicle feature helps to reduce the risk of theft and the operation can run more efficiently.

Through added features and customization, KATSANA® solutions are able to improve your vehicle security with live in-vehicle video streaming (MDVR), door sensors to protect cargo from unauthorized use, and remote engine shutdown.

2. Setting geofence to track suspicious movement

Geofence is one of the advanced features of GPS tracking solutions. It helps to create a virtual perimeter of a determined area. Some of the features for added security include:

  • Geofence alerts can be automated and send notifications to fleet managers if vehicles are leaving predetermined locations (indication of theft).
  • Notification to notify customers, drivers plus fleet managers when nearing the arrival location and departing from any area.

KATSANA® GPS Tracking: Geofence feature policy setting

Monitor all of these movement activities easily on digital and in real-time with comprehensive GPS tracking solutions. Be it a notification or emergency alert, this helpful feature will definitely ease your daily operations and prevent vehicle theft.

3. Stay connected with your vehicles and drivers via GPS tracking

Communication is key to ensuring the safety of your vehicles and drivers.

Fleet managers used to make phone calls to check in with the drivers before GPS tracking took place in the industry.

With the emerging technology and telematics features, GPS tracking solutions help you to:

  • Keep in touch with your vehicles in real-time, thus leaving the conventional tasks out of the picture.
  • Increase the visibility of your vehicles and drivers; constant monitoring can be the best method to prevent vehicle theft.

Protect your vehicles and assets from theft

Vehicle theft has been a long threat to fleet owners. It affects the safety of drivers and assets, increases cost, and put the business at risk.

Investing in GPS tracking solutions allows fleet managers to automate manual tasks, increase visibility on vehicle monitoring. This can help prevent unwanted incidents and avoid vehicle theft.

To learn more about how KATSANA® GPS Tracking Solutions help you to increase visibility on your vehicles, read more about it here or connect with our friendly consultant today!