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Cheap Fleet Management System Malaysia

Admit it, the cost of monitoring your fleet of vehicles in Malaysia is outrageous. Businesses often find themselves at dead end when it comes to finding an affordable, value-for-money fleet management system to monitor, track and locate the location of company vehicles, trucks and other assets that are crucial to the well-being of your company.

Companies with over 10 vehicles usually end up paying thousands of ringgit every month to their GPS Tracking & Fleet Management providers when the same amount of money could better be allocated somewhere else.

We at Katsana aim to change that. As per our mission, we want to make vehicle safety and security to be readily available to the public and local businesses; affordable acquisition cost, fair annual fees and with great customer care service.

We believe that such a service should be made affordable for the general public, and should be priced fairly. Everyone be given the chance to protect their vehicles.Katsana Mission #1
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