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Free GPS Tracker Malaysia

We are excited to announce that the Development for Phase 1 of Katsana GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system is about to complete.

We are looking for suitable candidates to give our GPS Tracking device a real-world test by having it installed on your vehicles. Our internal trial runs so far have been encouraging and thus we would like to expand the scope of the pilot study to include an additional 15 more vehicles that are ran daily by fellow Malaysian drivers.

Requirements to be a tester for Katsana

We aim to gather as much geo-location information as possible during our one month beta period starting October 2013. You have the best chance to be our beta candidate if you meet this criteria:

  • Own a personal vehicle
  • The vehicle is driven almost everyday

Expectations out of chosen candidates

Once selected, we expect the chosen candidates to:

  • Install Katsana Tracker on your primary vehicle
  • Drive your vehicle almost daily

Thats it. We only need your to drive your vehicles so that we can gather as much geo-location information as possible within our database. The information will be used to gauge our data handling capability, system stability, and other sort of triggers for us to monitor. Of course, your car location will be private and will not be disclosed to any party without your consent. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are the perks?

We have a couple of incentives available for selected beta candidates.

  • Free Katsana GPS Tracking Device. You will be able to use this GPS Tracker as long as you like.
  • Free first year subscription fee. If we feel that you have contributed a lot, we could possibly provide you with a life-time free subscription of Katsana GPS Tracking Platform
  • Boasting privilege among your peers by being the first few who rocks Katsana GPS Tracking system among your peers.
  • and of course, the feeling that your car is safe and secure wherever it is parked.

Im interested. How do I apply?

Its simple. Just send us an email to contact@katsana.com, telling us a bit about yourselves, location and how you can contribute to our beta testing phase.

Thats it. We look forward to be hearing from you!

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