August 25, 2013

Installing vehicle GPS Tracker in Malaysia

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With rampant car thefts and car hijackings nowadays, it become a necessity to install a GPS tracking device on your vehicles. We often heard of cars being hijacked while the passengers are still within the car, with dangerous weapons being pointed at them.

These terrible incidents often occur when the parent nonchalantly park the car by the roadside with their kids in it, ignition still kicking, and continue to pay bills/car park tickets/withdraw money from the nearest bank/pay for the gas; all these while leaving the car unattended by an adult. Little did they know that this short span of time opens up opportunities for criminals to hijack the vehicle and run away with their children who could be harmed in the process.

Types of GPS Tracking Devices in Malaysia

There are three general groupings of GPS monitoring device available in our Malaysian market. Those are:

  • Group 1: Portable GPS Tracking/Monitoring device.
    This device is usually small, easy to conceal and battery-powered. It is usually meant for short-term monitoring of specific events, such as tracking vehicle journeys, monitoring location of packages, and it can also be used to monitor and track children because it does not require any installation. However, since the device is battery-powered, it can only last up to 3 days of tracking time before the battery depletes. This is a good option if you value flexibility and wish to track a number of different objects without having to wire the tracker to them. This kind of GPS Trackers will not void your car’s warranty
  • Group 2: Wired GPS Tracking/Monitoring device.
    Similar to Portable GPS Tracking device above, Wired GPS Tracking/Monitoring device is usually small in size and is easy to hide and compared to the battery-powered portable tracker, this kind of trackers will need to be wired/tagged to a specific vehicle for it to operate. This wired device will direct its power source from the vehicles live/constant 12 Volt DC power outlet and thus eliminating the need to manually charge the battery every few days. This kind of GPS Trackers will not void your car’s warranty
  • Group 3: Integrated/Intrusive Hardwired GPS Tracker.
    This type of trackers is usually bulky and bigger than other GPS trackers. Although it has more features such as fuel cut-off (that stops fuel from going to the engine), it will require extensive wiring to your car that will void the warranty of your car. Thus, it is only good if you wish to track old vehicles that are not covered by warranty anymore, and if you absolutely need the extra features that may result in unknown problems in the future. This kind of GPS Trackers is intrusive and will void your car’s warranty

What about Katsana GPS Tracking System?

Katsana GPS tracking device is a fusion of the Portability of Group 1 and the Reliability of Group 2. As per our mission, we care about the well-being of our customer’s vehicles and thus will not introduce features that may void your car’s manufacturer warrany. This is a safer, reliable and of course, more economical route for our valued customers.

Our GPS tracking device shall not interfere with the vehicles electrical, fuelling, and drivetrain system in any way and will never void the car’s manufacturer’s warrany.Katsana Mission #2

Portable and Reliable GPS Tracker

Katsana GPS Tracking device will allow you to choose between portability of a battery powered GPS tracker, or the reliability & dependability of a wired GPS Tracker. It comes with a set of batteries that allow you to bring the tracker anywhere, and it can also be wired to your car for an extended length of time. Once wired, your car will continuously power up Katsana GPS Tracker and will always charge its internal battery to the fullest.

Since Katsana GPS tracker is very small (almost half the size of a credit card), it will be harder to spot and locate by car thieves. Thus, in the event that car thieves cut down the car’s battery, Katsana’s built-in battery will still power up the device, and allow you to track the vehicle for a few days.

The car thieves will not be aware that you are tracking them from behind with law enforcement officers.

This is the power of Katsana GPS Tracker.