Customers using KATSANA Fleet Management System

KATSANA® Fleet Management System is being used by thousands of companies in Malaysia and the region

KATSANA® Fleet Management System powers a wide range of enterprises, from small/medium companies to multinational corporate enterprises, from government bodies to large government-linked companies. We pride ourselves in engineering innovative solutions to make fleet management better, and help to create safer roads for all.
Also, our customers say that KATSANA® has the best aftersales and customer support team in Fleet Management industry.

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Complete overview of Fleet Operation

KATSANA®, the best Fleet Management System in Malaysia is engineered to provide fleet managers with a complete overview of ground operation.

KATSANA® Fleet is flexible and can easily accommodate fleets of various sizes.We have fleets as small as 3 to as big as 3500 vehicles using and trusting KATSANA® Fleet system.

  • Real-time tracking of all vehicles

    Fastest location update in the industry with Smart Update feature to provide fleet managers with real-time location of vehicles.

  • 365 days storage of travel data and reports

    Longest data storage in the industry that stores all travel route, reports and summaries for 365 days. Longer data storage can be requested.

  • Instant alerts

    Receive immediate alerts for critical incidents such as vehicle movement, high speed, fuel theft and others. Alerts are sent to mobile apps, platform, or email.

  • Exportable, printable reports in PDF

    All vehicle and drivers reports are exportable to PDF and CSV format for printing.

  • Automated daily and weekly reports

    Important reports are generated automatically and sent to fleet managers email on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Support for multiple fleets and managers

    Manage multiple fleets using one single account. You may also add new fleet managers to handle different branches or fleet departments.

Advanced Fleet Management Dashboard

Dedicated Fleet Dashboard that can be managed by multiple fleet managers, providing actionable data to reflect real-time fleet health and performance.

  • Detailed fleet health analytics & summary

    Receive the overview of the entire fleet in a dashboard. The dashboard summarizes important incidents and data for easy consumption by fleet managers.

  • Service & Maintenance Dashboards

    Keep track of vehicle service log and maintenance information. Upload receipts, invoices and comments for each service done.

  • Digital Driver Logbook

    Get rid of cumbersome driver logbook and embrace the future digital driver logbook. Drivers can sign in and update trip information using mobile apps.

DriveMark® Driver Behavior Score

DriveMark® technology scores driver behavior on the road, allowing you to identify risky drivers for improvements, and potentially reward safer drivers in your fleet.

  • Driver and vehicle safety ranking

    Each travel taken by the driver and vehicle is scored using DriveMark® algorithm.

  • Fleet KPI & Safety Score

    Each fleet is scored based on the behavior of vehicles within it, allowing you to set a strong KPI for your fleet managers to achieve.

  • Driver coaching through mobile app

    Train drivers to become safer on the road by enabling them to see behavior score in real-time and review performance against safety benchmarks.