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With KATSANA v4.0 Carbon still fresh and some of us may need time to get used to it, Team KATSANA pushes forward and has since released 5 more minor versions of the best GPS tracking platform in South East Asia.

After the release of v4.0 Carbon two weeks ago, KATSANA has added numerous performance improvements, some bug fixes that were discovered by our dear users, and also adding a bit of cool features here and there.

v4.0.5 – Vast improvement in trip visualisation & interaction

It is about time for us to improve trip summary in KATSANA. In v4.0.5, Trip Summary is seeing a major re-design that focuses on visualisation and user interaction. And what an improvement it is!

KATSANA v4.0.5 now separates trips into different colors. Simply hover on the trip list and these trips will change colors, allowing you to visualise vehicle movement as tracked by GPS tracker.

GPS tracking with trip highlights

There is more! If a user clicks on a specific trip, the colorised trip will be made persistent. That means, you can still select several trips and get them highlighted together. This new trip highlighting feature is designed to be in line with our aim in creating the most intuitive telematics platform in the world.

Redesigned Vehicle Information section

Redesigned Vehicle Information section

We have also taken this opportunity to redesign the Vehicle Information section, separating segments into tabs for ease of navigation.

v4.0.4 – Refuelling and Fuel Siphoning alert. Yeay!

Fuel theft alert in gps monitoring system

This is an intermittent issue that keep on bugging us for quite a while since we released KATSANA v3.3 that introduces fuel notification and fuel theft alerts. On some vehicles, apparently notifications do not work well due to numerous noises that KATSANA receives.

We are happy to inform that this issue has been fixed for good! On top of our new fuel level vs distance graph that is available in v4.0 Carbon, KATSANA now will send a notification to the owner whenever the vehicle refuels, and when we detect a sudden drop of fuel (oh no!)

Note: Fuel & Fuel theft notification is only applicable for vehicles that have additional fuel sensor installed.

v4.0.4 – Identify & Show my location

Find my location

We have added a feature that allow you to find your current location on the map. Unimaginatively named as ‘Find my location’, it is useful if you want to quickly identify your current user position relative to the vehicle’s location.

v4.0.3 – Toggle to disable vehicle-focus in live tracking

Notice the cross-hair button, located under ‘Find my location’ button? The cross-hair button enables or disables focus onto vehicle while in live tracking mode.

In previous versions, KATSANA will automatically focus to the current vehicle location whenever it receives a new location update. In most cases, it is useful because the user will not lose focus and the map will always center to the active vehicle.

However in some other use case, the user may not want to constantly focus on this particular vehicle. Well to disable this auto-center, simply click on the Crosshair. In the chance that you want to re-focus on the vehicle, click on the Crosshair again, and KATSANA will center the map to the current location of the vehicle. It is that simple.

v4.0.1 & v4.0.2 – Major performance optimizations

High performance system

The initial release of KATSANA v4.0 Carbon introduced several features that were a bit too taxing on our infrastructure. Although users may not encounter any sluggishness on the first 3 days of v4.0 Carbon, the infrastructure and engineering team were on high alert.

While we put a lot of effort to identify potential bottlenecks during development and beta testing phase, nothing will prepare us for the live deployment due to the sheer number of data that is sent to KATSANA every second.

Immediately after v4.0 Carbon was deployed, the team went on to scrutinise every single part of KATSANA v4.0 to reduce its impact on our infrastructure.

As a result, we have seen drastic improvement in the responsiveness of KATSANA Live GPS tracking system, and in a lot of cases work better than v3.0.

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