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GPS tracking on Android

To complement the release of KATSANA’s iOS app last month (March 2016), we are now proud to announce the release of the first ever KATSANA GPS tracking app for Android users. Download the app here on Google Play

This app is available for free to all users of KATSANA GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system

KATSANA Advanced GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System enables you to track the location of your vehicles through a modern and easy-to-use interface. It has a multitude of features, from live updates of vehicle location (every 1-20 seconds depending on condition), view travel history with 1 year of stored location data on our cloud, view duration of stops together with detailed information of your journey, and be notified of any unauthorised movement of your vehicle through Push notifications.

Version 1.0.0 contains:

Live Tracking

  • + Polling of vehicle location every 10 seconds
  • + Live movement update with travel route indicator
  • + Display of Current speed and Max Speed for the day
  • + Address of the car
  • + Time of last update
  • + Ability to filter to different vehicle
  • + Vehicle search by Plate, Description and also location
  • + Vehicle avatar

Travel History

  • + Movement History filtered by date
  • + Indication of stop locations, together with time and duration of stops
  • + Maximum speed for the day
  • + Total distance for the day
  • + Total Violations for the day
  • + Total driving hours for the day
  • + Total number of trips for the day
  • + Start and stop time of each trips, together with address


  • + Toggle to enable or disable Parking Mode
  • + Push Notification when vehicle exits park mode
  • + Apple Watch notification integration
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