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Download gps tracking system app on App Store

Here’s another good news for all our users; we now have a dedicated KATSANA™ app for iOS devices! Download it here.

KATSANA’s new iOS app is built using native Objective-C programming language for iPhone and iPad. That means the performance is remarkably smooth and runs very well on your iPhone and iPads. Among the features available in the app are:

  • Live location tracking of vehicles with auto refresh and movement information.
  • Live speed and direction indicators with daily max speed information
  • Address of the current location
  • Ability to view travel log for the day, and any other days specified.
  • Stoppage locations together with duration of stops.
  • Maximum speed, distance of travel and duration of travel.
  • Ability to notify users whenever a vehicle starts to move (useful for theft & towing notification)

New Park Mode that alerts you of vehicle movements & towing incidents.

Automatic towing alert

KATSANA™ aims to provide users with unparalleled safety and security for our users. One of the steps towards a total understanding of domain awareness is to provide our users with a high engagement that informs users whenever an incident happens.

With the release of KATSANA v4.0 Carbon and this new iOS app, we have created a ‘Park Mode’ feature that actively monitors the behavior of your vehicle. Once a user has enabled Park Mode, KATSANA™ will keep a constant watch over the vehicle. When a movement is detected, KATSANA™ notifies the user through Push notification to your smartphone (iOS platform – iPhone and iPad).

This notification is delivered for free to our users and is available to all iPhone & iPad owners.

How about Android users?

App development for Android users is active and in final phases of testing right now. We are expecting a release of KATSANA™ Android app late March or early April that has features on par with its iOS counterpart.

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