May 22, 2020

The Guide to Industrial IoT Applications in Malaysia

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Industrial IoT in Malaysia these days holds a lot of promise for a diverse range of industries such as agriculture, healthcare, financial services, retail, and advertising.

More and more industries will implement IoT which uses smart machines to relay important information that can be used to drive business decisions faster and more accurately.

In this article, we will go over a brief definition of industrial IoT and how it integrates with industrial applications.

Let us start with the definition.

What is the Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT)?

Utilising smart sensors and actuators to amplify manufacturing and industrial processes, The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is also known as the Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0.

It handles the industrial data by using smart machines and real-time analytics, which are agreed to work better than humans as they can transfer important data faster and more efficiently.

This will thus lead to faster and more accurate business decisions. The usual traits of IoT are they are cheap and quick to implement. The common traits of IoT include:

  • Uses internet to connect between each other, the process, software system or network
  • Stores, collects, and processes data
  • Utilise third party cloud platform services to handle the data
  • Have analytics software to analyse data, as well as monitor or control the assets

How Industrial IoT Works?

IoT works by having several smart devices link with each other to create a system that can supervise, gather, exchange, and analyse data. Every ecosystem of IoT contains:

  • Smart devices that can detect, communicate, and keep data about themselves
  • Data communication systems that are either private or public
  • Applications and analytics that produce business data from raw information
  • People

Intelligent devices will transfer information directly to the data communication systems where it will be transformed into actionable information and thus perform necessary action.

This process can thus be utilised to predict maintenance and supervise business processes.

Industrial IoT Applications

As the world progresses, more and more IoT applications are created by day. If you are looking for a great IoT application, KATSANA Orbital Platform is the answer!

Besides linking industrial sensors to cloud and giving operational transparency for critical industrial applications, they also provide industrial organisations automate day-to-day reporting.

This smart system can not only connect new sensors, but also the existing ones to the Orbital Platform. It can also communicate over numerous communication medium such as:

  • Telco: 2G/3G/LTE
    The IoT hub also can support 2G/3G fallback if a certain area has no LTE coverage.
  • IoT: LoraWAN/Sigfox
    No telco coverage? No problem! Specific LoraWAN network can be organised as communication backbone to connect industrial sensors to Cloud.
  • Local: WiFi/Ethernet/BLE/RFID
    For premises that have their own Wifi or Ethernet communication channel, that is also an option.
  • Existing Sensors
    The intelligent system can also be connected to readouts from existing sensors in your plants.
  • Temperature Sensor
    The platform is so smart, it will alert when the usual temperature of the area drops or exceeds beyond comprehension.
  • Vibration Sensor
    It can also detect unusual vibration on machines and engines which allows needed actions to be taken before it gets worse.
  • Environmental Sensors
    The system can also collect environmental information such as humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2.5), CO2, and others.

Among industries that can benefit from KATSANA Orbital Platform include:

Cold Chain Operation Industry

real-time cold room monitoring and alerts
It provides full transparency of the cold chain process from Cold Room to Logistical tracking of Reefer trucks, to products delivery to customers.
Example Features:

  • Real-time Cold Room Monitoring & Alerts
  • Reefer Truck Temperature Monitoring
  • Instant alerts

Estates and Plantations Industry

CPO Bulk:Static Tank:Main Storage Tank Monitoring
It can upgrade Estates and Plantation operations to the 21st century by providing automated reports from tanks, machines, and other assets in the plantations.
Example Features:

  • SKID tank monitoring
  • CPO Bulk/Static Tank/Main Storage Tank Monitoring
  • Centralised Fuel Management Platform

Energy and Power Grid Industry

The DriveMark® system scores drivers’ behaviour that can detect risky drivers for improvements, as well as potentially reward safer drivers in your fleet.

Public Works and Utilities Industry

water pump monitoring and cautionary alerts
The system can link existing sensors in Water Treatment Plants and make them available on the Cloud. Additional sensors can also be added if needed.
Example Features:

  • Water Quality Monitoring & Analytics
  • Water Pump Monitoring & cautionary alerts
  • Reservoir Level Monitoring

Communication and IoT Sensors

KATSANA Orbital communicates over numerous communication medium such as the trusty 2g/3G network, to the power efficient LoraWAN/Sigfox channels.

Having said all that, by using KATSANA Orbital Platform sure can enhance your business and organisations to the next level as well as ease your management to the max!

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