GPS Tracking System Protects Your Vehicles From Unforseen Events
gps tracking system

Protecting and keeping your car safe is crucial nowadays. Did you know that at least 1 car is stolen every 24 minutes? This is why it is dire to have a GPS tracking system in your car.

This is where Katsana’s advanced GPS Tracking System comes into the picture, because it can help you protect your car effectively.

As we all know, these days, vehicles such as cars are essential to everyone. Most people have at least one type of vehicle, especially cars, and utilise them in their daily lives.

This is why to lose your car would be a very serious problem, as you need it to carry your everyday life. The increasing number of car theft as days go by also does not really help.

Technology advancement is mostly a good thing but it also will cause some immoral people to develop more ways to ease their wrong actions and that includes car theft.

Car theft can happen to anyone, at any time, even if there are zero cases in your area, even when you think you have taken every possible precaution.

This is why it is important to always be cautious and take extra actions to protect your vehicles such as by installing a GPS tracking system for cars.

You are wondering why such thing happens? Why would people want to steal your car, or any car for that matter? There are several reasons why cars are being stolen, very frequently, too.


Reasons Cars are Being Stolen


Have you ever wondered why certain bad things happen to you only to later find out it was you who brought it upon yourself? The same thing might be the case for car theft.

The main reason why cars are being stolen is because of the owners who continually leave their car keys in the car. No matter if it is running or not, always bear in mind to never leave it in your car.

Next, car parts can be very expensive at times, especially those of old, rare, vintage cars. Even if they are not that expensive, to be able to sell something that was stolen would return a full profit.

Imagine selling something without having to pay for any capital, that means 100% profit and that might also be one of the reasons car theft happens.

It can also happen because of some irresponsible people who would do it just for fun and just because they feel like it. It is unthinkable for some of us, but these types of people do exist.

So how exactly should you protect your car and prevent it from being stolen? The followings are 9 ways to prevent such an unfortunate thing from happening to you:


Ways to Prevent Car Theft


gps tracking system

  1. Always lock your car because unlocked cars are so easy to steal as the thieves do not have to break the window or spend time to unlock them. Always check your car doors.
  2. Remove keys from your car. Even when the car is not running, even if it is a spare key, keep it in your house and not in your car.
  3. Do not leave valuable items in your car because those might be the reason to attract the thieves to your car. If you must keep it in your car, make sure it is not visible.
  4. Keep track of your keys, including your spare keys. Know who has your keys and never take it lightly as it may lead to your car being stolen.
  5. Never leave your car running without a driver as it is very tempting and easy for people just to get in and drive it off. No matter the reason, it is not worth to lose your car.
  6. Close the windows at all times whenever the car is not moving, or even then if it is not a need because if not, someone could easily reach in to unlock your car.
  7. Always park in safe areas such as designated parking space with guards around. You might have to pay a certain fee but always prioritise your car’s safety.
  8. Install an audible alarm system as it will produce a very loud sound when someone attempts to enter your car with force which will throw off the thief and thus save your car.
  9. Install a GPS tracking system. To keep up with these tech-savvy thieves, you also have to install an advanced GPS tracking system such as the ones offered by KATSANA.


KATSANA advanced GPS tracking system will alert you by sending notifications if there are movement, entry and exit activity, low battery, risky driving and speeding alert.

KATSANA GPS tracking system is so clever, it would notify you whenever there is an unplanned trip using your car as soon as it moves, to prevent car theft.

It also allows you to keep track of your car and your family members when you are not with them. Your social creds can also be shared online with your network.

The application is so advanced that you can track multiple moving vehicles at once and in real-time.

KATSANA also provides up to 365 days of data history storage, allowing you to review past trips accurately.

Even when you have taken the necessary precautions, sometimes it can still happen and when that happens, what should you do to recover your beloved cars?


What to Do If My Car is Stolen?


gps tracking system

First, you should contact the police and inform them of what had happened as soon as possible. This way they will know about your car and take the necessary actions.

Next, you have to inform your car insurance company to notify them so the required measures can be done and lift some amount of burden off you.

Last but not least, you should contact KATSANA and inform them so they can start taking the necessary steps to recover your car as soon as they can.

Still wonder why you should trust KATSANA and install it into your car? Besides all the amazing features that they provide, they are also not all talk and no actions.

This is because they have recovered more than 98% of cases of stolen cars making them the best GPS tracking system in Malaysia with the highest recovery rate.

Having said all that, what are you waiting for? Check out our website to learn more about KATSANA private vehicle tracking system and get it installed today to protect your beloved cars!


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