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Fuel management system is a structure utilised to maintain, control, and supervise fuel consumption and stock in any sorts of industries with transportations as part of their service.

This includes all types of transportations such as those that operate on rails, roads, water, and even in the air. This system is very effective to help organisations manage their fuel intake.

This system has been long used to track fuel consumptions and costs even before it was made easier with technology where the data was collected manually with pen and paper.

These days, with the help of advanced technology, the system involves spreadsheets and ID chips to record fuel data that can be done in real time.

The data stored by the system will then produce digitalised report when the time comes which will help organisations with their cost analysis and tax accounting for future purchases.

However, not all systems work the same as some are still quite basic while some are more advanced. Companies should choose the system wisely according to their budget and needs.

So how does the fuel management system really work? Let’s proceed!

How Does a Fuel Management System Work?

fuel management system

For companies to be able to manage and take necessary actions to be the most effective with their fuel consumptions would be by monetising its intake and all related details.

All of that can be done effectively with this system where it will study the consumptions, costs, and all related data that not only monitor fuel intake, but also reduce bad driving habits.

Fuel management system will gather all the necessary data and produce a report that compares all the drivers’ performance that able the managers to detect the problematic drivers.

This will then allow these drivers to receive necessary treatment such as more training. This will also highlight the vehicles that are not in their best shape and in need of maintenance.

This will allow organisations to detect areas with issues before they become bigger problems that can affect the companies badly.

This system will also help managers to purchase fuel at the best value and at the best time. By tracking the needed details will be able to prevent irresponsible transactions from happening.

This is how the reports that the fuel management system produces can help organisations in tracking and managing their system to be most effective and help the company as a whole.

Now that we know how convenient this system is, how does one utilise this system and help their company be better?

How This System Works?

katsana fleet dashboard

There are various ways to use it such as:

1.Use an application in your smartphone

There are various free and paid applications that can be found which use GPS technology to monetise the mileage. This is very convenient as you will have your phone with you everywhere.

2.Sign up with a fuel-tracking website

There are quite a few available websites that can be used which provide convenient software to keep track of the vehicles’ fuel use. All there is to do is first, sign up for an account.

3.Keep the related documents

Among the mentioned documents would be the receipt after every fill-up. Keep it where it is most convenient so you can present and look back at it anytime needed.

Benefits of Fuel Management System

Besides all the mentioned convenience that fuel management system can provide, there are others more which are:

  • Provide more control to the organisations with the vehicles fuel intake
  • Provide better fuel economy management which will benefit the organisation in a long way
  • Gives more security to avoid any loss for the company
  • Provide better accountability to the drivers and help make the spending more effective
  • Results in better fleet maintenance

All in all, there are various benefits that can be gained from fuel management system that can help organisations to be more effective.

If you are in search of one for your organisation, allow us to recommend the GPS tracker application by KATSANA!

KATSANA is a Malaysian fleet management software system company founded in 2013 with the vision to generate safer roads and save lives through technology.

How Can KATSANA Fuel Management System Help Save Cost?

katsana vehicle reporting

By linking legacy sensors to the cloud, KATSANA enables companies to function more efficiently by making the data accessible in real-time.

Working with thousands of companies across Malaysia from small and medium companies to multinational corporate companies, KATSANA sure has the assurance that you need.

Not only does it help your business monitor and control fuel intake, but it does in such detail it can track the volume, usage in specific, and the cost for every distance and vehicle type.

KATSANA also provides up to 365 days of data history storage, allowing you to review past trips accurately just in case it is a need.

We know security is important, and so do they! They also provide an instant alert to your phone when there is a suspicious activity such as fuel theft or pilferage. May it be an inside job or otherwise.

KATSANA also provides a special fleet dashboard that can be operated by several fleet managers that enables them to provide real-time fleet health, situation, and performance.

They know preparing reports can be a drag task thus why they can also help you with that. Their system also offers customizable high-level management reports about fuel usage and efficiency.

These reports will have every detail needed such as the audit details, tasks, costs, drivers’ information, vehicles used, and of course the time of operation. Everything you need!

Want more? They also have all these conveniences in mobile applications to assist the drivers. It can record refuel time, location, all the details in receipts, and they can send it as proofs.

The social creds can also be shared online with your network so there is no need to write the details down nor print the related documents to be submitted when needed. Very convenient!

The application can also track multiple moving vehicles at once and in real-time which is great for business with multiple vehicles so they do not have to have several accounts and applications.

The drivers can also install extended applications such as Liquid Level Monitoring where it can help drivers of tanker trucks that carry fuel, crude palm oil, or even cooking oil.

It can also notify you whenever there is an unplanned trip using your vehicle as soon as it moves which can prevent theft and also keep track of your vehicle and your staff.

The application can give the managers a thorough overview of the ground operation that is able to monetise up to 3500 vehicles. It also comes with automated daily and weekly reports.

This system can also save you a lot by providing insurance discounts from a well-known company and detect drivers’ reckless behaviour which can avoid you from unnecessary costs.

As companies have different needs, KATSANA® Fleet Management System provides various add-ons that are:

  • Temperature Monitoring System
  • Remote Engine Shutdown (for emergency cases which can be paired with RFID & NRIC Driver Identification System)
  • Live In-vehicle video streaming (up to 3 simultaneous videos: front, rear and inside vehicle)
  • RFID Driver Identification System (can be paired with Remote Engine Shutdown)
  • Malaysia NRIC Driver Identification System
  • Panic/Emergency Button

With all the said reasons, what are you waiting for? KATSANA® Fleet Management System can surely help your company to be more productive and successful.

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