March 27, 2020

5 Benefits of Fleet Management System

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fleet management system

Commercial fleets such as cars, trucks, and vans are integrated with software to make the fleet management system better and help to reduce operating costs.

In this article, we delve deeper into the concept and the implementation of fleet management and its benefits for Malaysian companies.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management systems are usually used by companies to track and systemize work vehicles to enhance efficiency and lower unnecessary costs.

It is also used to monitor their workers, especially drivers on their behavior and efficiency to avoid the chances of negligence from happening.

Today, fleet management software has been developed to ease these processes and some of the advantages to prove that your company needs it are as follows:

1. Manage Fuel and Maintenance Costs

It is undeniably tricky to maintain fuel and maintenance costs solely on trust. With a proper software management system, you will have proofs and numbers to track where the fund is going.
Since it is computer-generated, you will have a transparent view and be able to avoid the possibility of unnecessary extra funding and focus more on company growth.

2. Improved Reporting

Even when your vehicles have regular maintenance, it is still a need to have a thorough report to make sure you know they are at their best performance.
The usual in-house report may not be enough thus why systemised fleet management is vital to track your vehicles’ performance.

3. Maintain Safe and Reliable Vehicles

To maintain safe and reliable vehicles are undeniably not cheap but it is better to always know the status of your vehicles rather than to only know when it is not functional anymore.
This is possible when you have an automated “supervisor” installed in your vehicles. This will give you more confidence and thus have a more successful business.

katakana fleet management

4. Eliminate Employee Fraud

Besides out of date, old-fashioned timesheets are also inconvenient and can be questionable.
This unnecessary nuisance should be removed and replaced with updated, in-trend, polished, and more accurate software. Less headache time equals more company growth time.

5. Driver Management

No matter how many vehicles you have, it is important to keep in mind that in fleet business; the fundamental part of your company is the drivers.

Without great, responsible drivers, your business would not be able to run effectively. However, worry not, because fleet management software systems can help with that.

As “supervisors”, they are able to note the important keys such as the average driving speed, the routes they take, and the way they drive.

This can help to improve the drivers’ profiles as feedback can be given on how they can improve and thus enhance your company performance.

In conclusion, the Fleet management software system is very crucial in fleet business as it is needed in the modern days and it makes the work a lot easier and way more convenient.

If you are in search of reliable fleet management in Malaysia, you should definitely give KATSANA a try!

KATSANA is a Malaysian fleet management software system company founded in 2013 with the vision to generate safer roads and save lives through technology.

By linking legacy sensors to the cloud, KATSANA enables companies to function more efficiently by making the data accessible in real-time.

Working with thousands of companies all across Malaysia from small and medium companies to multinational corporate companies, KATSANA sure has the assurance that you need.
katsana gps tracker

The customers also admit that KATSANA has the highest aftersales and optimum customer support team among the fleet management industry. So what are you waiting for?

KATSANA has four products to suit different needs by different companies. The four products are Industrial IoT Solutions, Fleet Solutions, Vehicle Tracking, and Insurance Telematics.

However, for now, we will only focus on the Fleet Solutions product. Just in case you need more convincing on why you should approach KATSANA for your business, here’s why:

  • Complete overview of Fleet Operation

Being the best Fleet Management System in Malaysia, KATSANA is created to give the managers a thorough overview of the ground operation.

To accommodate the different needs of their clients, KATSANA® Fleet is able to serve businesses of various sizes as they have fleets from 3 to 3500 vehicles trusting their system.

The reason they are so loved is because they have a lot to offer at such a good bargain. Some of what they offer includes real-time tracking, instant alerts, and automated daily and weekly reports.

Furthermore, they also offer 365 days storage of travel data and reports, exportable and printable PDF reports, as well as support for multiple fleets and managers to increase productivity.

  • Advanced Fleet Management Dashboard

This special fleet dashboard can be operated by several fleet managers that enables them to provide real-time fleet health, situation, and performance.

This dashboard gives access to thorough fleet health analytics and summary, service and Maintenance details, as well as digital driver logbook.
katsana track vehicle

  • DriveMark® Driver Behaviour Score

As DriveMark® technology keeps the data of the drivers’ driving behaviour, it will allow you to detect the drivers that need improvements and thus enhance your business.

The data that is stored includes the rank of driver and vehicle safety as well as scores of fleet KPI and safety. This product also offers driver coaching through a mobile app which is very convenient.

fleet management system

  • Reduce fleet operation costs

KATSANA® Fleet Management System can spare you thousands of dollars per vehicle annually by providing motor insurance discounts from well-known insurance companies.
Furthermore, it can detect vehicles with excessive idling and wasting fuel, as well as detect drivers’ reckless behaviour. These can avoid your company from unnecessary costs.

  • Upgrades to suit your needs

Different customers have different needs thus why KATSANA provides various add-ons to cater to these extra needs. Some of the extra options provided are as such:

  • Fuel Monitoring System
  • Temperature Monitoring System (usually used by cold storage transports)
  • Remote Engine Shutdown (for emergency cases which can be paired with RFID & NRIC Driver Identification System)
  • Live In-vehicle video streaming (up to 3 simultaneous videos: front, rear and inside vehicle)
  • RFID Driver Identification System (can be paired with Remote Engine Shutdown)
  • Malaysia NRIC Driver Identification System
  • Panic/Emergency Button

With all the said reasons, what are you waiting for? KATSANA® Fleet Management System is what your company needs to be more productive and thus, successful.
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