December 28, 2020

Oil & Gas Under Pressure: How Can Fleet Management Software Reduce Costs?

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It is crucial to understand the financial aspects of the business. COVID-19 pandemic has put oil and gas fleet managers in a quite challenging position – reducing overheads and to keep everything within budget. Fleet vehicles are essential, therefore to ensure vehicles are running efficiently adaptation of technology is the most beneficial step in order to drive fleet profitability.

Stay Competitive in The Digital-Fleet Age

Technology is changing the way fleet managers handle their fleet. KATSANA® Fleet Management System (FMS) is an engineered platform that integrates fleet management software and fleet tracking devices enables fleet managers to access data and information on vehicles’ performance. This data-driven approach allows fleets to react in real-time and managers to control risks; thus our fleet management system plays a big part in the drive to increase efficiency through data.

How Fleet Management Software Helps

Fleet managers’ jobs have never been more challenging since the oil and gas industry is undergoing a huge transformation. The unpredictable future is tough, therefore we are sharing some of the ways how KATSANA® FMS can contribute to reducing and managing oil and gas companies’ fleet expenses – at the same time staying on top of the industry.

1. Monitor Driver Behaviour

Transport and delivery of products for oil and gas players is a huge responsibility that is dangerous, thus fleet managers need to be sure their drivers operate the vehicles with caution. Other than educating drivers, it is also important for managers to monitor their behavior on the road. KATSANA® Fleet Management System (FMS) is designed to help fleet managers gaining 360 visibility on their drivers’ actions. The feature allows managers to accurately monitor the arrival and departure, acceleration and deceleration, driving speeds, harsh braking as well as turning events. We pull out this data for fleet managers, to ease them taking notes of reckless drivers and address these issues accordingly. Our solution is designed to provide accurate information to fleet managers and educate drivers; at the same time keeping fleet expenses down by minimizing the risk of accidents.

Gain Full Visibility Using Fleet Management System

2. For Optimum Fuel Efficiency

Fleet vehicles can burn about six (6) to eight (8) liters of fuel every day; for oil and gas companies the costs for fuel contribute significantly to fleet expenses. Fleet fuel efficiency can be maximized through current technologies – and that is using our fleet management system. KATSANA® Fleet Management System (FMS) is equipped with devices that are able to monitor the vehicle’s fuel tank level, track mileage on different roads for better fuel tax data. Fleet managers are able to set up geofencing – managing drivers’ route and instantly receive an alert in any case of emergency or unauthorized movement.

increase full efficiency

3. Reduce Insurance Rates

Risk and dangers are often associated with oil and gas operations, therefore companies have higher premiums and require specialized insurance. Different insurance policies
incurred high costs and gave a major impact on fleet expenses. It is crucial for fleet managers to understand the risk in order to reduce the costs of the next fleet insurance premium, hence KATSANA® developed a risk assessment feature that can help to analyze your expenses and highlight the areas that need amendment. Our fleet management system can help oil and gas companies to lower insurance premiums; at the same time reduce fleet expenses by:
Fewer accidents equal fewer claims
Anti-theft feature to protect fleet vehicles and assets
Schedule service, maintenance, and repair to avoid costly fleet repairs

reduce insurance premiums

Go With KATSANA® Fleet Management System

Fleet vehicles in the oil and gas industry are essential, diversified, and yet unavoidable that it requires tedious care in order to run continuously. COVID-19 pandemic has put players in difficult positions. Fleet managers are encouraged to take opportunities of the current situation by adapting to the digitalization of fleet operations. KATSANA® FMS is a platform that stores all of your fleet information; by providing a thorough analysis of your operations. Our fleet management software has helped many enterprises to cut down unnecessary expenses, control operational costs, and support decision making processes.
KATSANA® FMS offers a solution that can be tailored to your needs. Connect with us to know more about our innovative solutions. Get Free Consultation today!