March 31, 2021

Katsana IOT Liquid Level Monitoring For Port of Bintulu

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Real Time Fuel Level Monitoring System for Skid Tanks

About Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd

Geographically located along the busy sea lanes of Intra Asia Trade, Bintulu Port is the largest container port in East Malaysia also the nation’s first operator in the ASEAN region to export liquified natural gas (LNG) in ISO tanks.
Bintulu Port is strategically positioned to export LNG globally with more than 200 units of ISO tanks.
With the continuous expansion of LNG ISO tank-filling facilities at Bintulu Port, this customer-centric and pragmatic solution is expected to give greater accessibility to clean energy.

The Challenge: How to automate Liquid Fuel Level Monitoring and Reporting

Along with additional shipments and an increase in demands due to the Sarawak Corridor for Renewable Energy (SCORE), the company is facing very specific challenges in automating daily processes that currently demand significant man-hours to complete.
There are two units of Fuel Skid Tanks connected to one dispensing pump with a total capacity of 100,000 Litres (L). The average flow of these tanks is around 4.0 mil L of diesel annually.
Tasks such as measuring and monitoring Fuel levels in each skid tank have been done manually every day, thus keeping everything on track and on record will be difficult.
The team needed a way to ensure daily readings are recorded properly in a timely manner, therefore making the process of stock inflow or outflow more efficient.

Real-time Skid-Tank Fuel Level Monitoring System via KATSANA Orbital

Real Time Fuel Level Monitoring System for Skid Tanks
Real-Time Fuel Level Monitoring System for Skid Tanks

To increase the productivity in monitoring the fuel volume in Skid tanks, KATSANA® provides a flexible solution using IoT technologies using Liquid Fuel Level sensors that send real-time fuel level data to Katsana Orbital platform.
The platform allows skid tank owners to monitor the tank volume in real-time on the web and via a smartphone application.
The skid tank fuel level monitoring solution solves several key objectives:

  • Automated liquid-level and fuel-level monitoring system, which significantly reduces man-hour to manually inspect fuel volume
  • Improved Data accuracy, Reliability, and Consistency of fuel level reading, which reduces erroneous reports
  • Efficient operational activity
    i. Real-time storage level reading
    ii. Low-level alert to pre-empt operators, enabling immediate response
    iii. Record management on inventory movement for easier stock ordering and planning
KATSANA Orbital’s fuel and liquid-level monitoring solution offers Bintulu Port a user-friendly dashboard that is integrated with the installed sensors in skid tanks – delivering graphical real-time data. With GSM connectivity, the data is collected and ready to be recorded and accessed anytime, anywhere.

How Katsana IoT Fuel Monitoring System Works

The solution for Bintulu Port offers a system that runs smoothly and efficiently – now automated, a proper record management system, and better stock procurement planning.

Smart Industrial IoT Solutions for the Industry

Bintulu Port saw an immediate improvement in the way the fuel tank is measured and recorded. The real-time storage level reading gave accurate and reliable data, thus eliminating discrepancy issues that have troubled the team before. The data is more visible on the platform due to its convenience and easy accessibility – the team is now more productive in handling the inventory movement.

"KATSANA®’s web-based solution offers Bintulu Port a user-friendly dashboard"

Bintulu Port is satisfied with the end result of the solution that KATSANA® has provided. KATSANA® team has been able to critically tackle every problem faced by Bintulu Port and delivered a smart yet proven solution to the company.

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