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Service & Maintenance dashboard for Fleet

An announcement that is long overdue (by almost 6 weeks), we are proud to announce that KATSANA version 4.1.0 FleetPro™ has been released on 1st June, 2016.

A complete Service & Maintenance Dashboard for a modern fleet

Team KATSANA aims to provide our users with a complete fleet management solution. As we grow, we realise there is a strong and urgent need to modernise fleet operations. That includes improving safety and security aspects, to better driver accountability and now, improvements in fleet office operations.

Routine preventive maintenance is probably the single most cost-saving item that a fleet owner can do to keep the fleet healthy and reduce cost of repairs in the future. Basic maintenance such as checking tire pressure, changing engine oil, scheduling brake and aircord inspections are most similar to our regular checkup at doctors.

Routine vehicle maintenance keeps your fleet at tip-top condition and give you (and your mechanics) a chance to catch a potential problem before it become a serious, money-laden problem. With a large fleet, that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Vehicle Log Dashboard

KATSANA FleetPro™ is a natural progression. We have been developing KATSANA non-stop for the past 3 years, and we have learnt a lot. These learnings, taught by our users, fleet managers and owners, tell us that there are plenty of areas that can be improved within a fleet. The set of improvements will hopefully enable KATSANA Fleet and FleetPro users to reduce wastage, improving efficiency and have better control over day-to-day operations.

Fleet Management and Operations, list of features

In this first iteration of KATSANA FleetPro™, focus is given towards easing creation of maintenance and service reminders. Design and user interaction is optimized to be friendly and useful for fleets from as small as 5 to as big as hundreds of vehicles. We hope at the end, KATSANA FleetPro™ will become a single information silo of the entire fleet, making the information available to related parties in your organization at their finger tips.

Let us go through major features in KATSANA FleetPro™ Fleet Management System one by one.

Vehicle Service Record

Scheduling Maintenance & Service reminders
Core to the features in FleetPro™ is the ability to schedule maintenance and service reminders. For each maintenance items, you will be able to assign several maintenance types, and we have almost 60 of the most popular maintenance types created for you.

Recurring vehicle maintenance

Ability to schedule a recurring maintenance and service items based on odometer & date due
Prevention is better than cure, they say. It certainly is valid for vehicles too. On of the best way to keep your fleet operation cost down is to have a well-oiled, routinely-serviced vehicle. For a large fleet that tend to have similar vehicle models across the board, this routing inspection need to be scheduled regularly, and often requiring similar needs for each inspection.

KATSANA FleetPro™ comes with a handy scheduler. Your fleet operator can now create scheduled upcoming maintenance for the vehicles, assigning items that need to be serviced, and also provide an estimate of the cost.

The fleet operator will be able to decide whether the service need to be done based on time interval, or best, on actual odometer value of the car. KATSANA will calculate the actual odometer value, and if necessary prompt your operator to service earlier than schedule time.

Permit renewal

Reminders on insurance renewal, SPAD permit, other regulatory permits.
What a headache and wasted money it would be if your vehicle is grounded due to regulatory compliance. Schedule roadtax, insurance renewal and perhaps SPAD permit renewal so that you will be reminded when the items are due.

Mass vehicle log creation

Ability to quickly generate service items for multiple vehicles
This feature will be handy for large fleets that need to quickly add similar maintenance items for multimple vehicles. Simply select the affected vehicles, and assign maintenance items for them. KATSANA will create a separate maintenance log for each vehicle and it can be treated individually after the mass creation.

Service Log Receipts

Ability to add comments and upload PDF/images related to the service items
We understand that you may have multiple fleet operators. Thus it is imperative to have a communication log between these operators to ensure a smooth operation, plus as a reference point in the future.

In FleetPro™, service operators will be able to add comments regarding a particular maintenance item, and attach related documents.

Vehicle maintenance filter

Smart filter to quickly view service items by type and vehicle
We have also added a cool, easy to use filters to allow you to navigate and view the detail of specific service items and vehicle.

Print vehicle maintenance log

Ability to print and export the service list to CSV file
We have added an ability for the fleet operator to print the service list, together with exporting the list into CSV (Excel-compatible).

KATSANA FleetPro™ is a paid upgrade and available as an option for all KATSANA Fleet™ users.

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