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Daily Fleet Summary

KATSANA 4.1 FleetPro™ saw sheer focus towards building up a complete fleet management solution.

Now it is time to shower some love towards KATSANA Fleet™ users. Since version 4.1 release last June, we have since added two more minor versions, which are 4.1.1 (entirely a bugfix release) and version 4.1.2 which added few small but useful features for all.

Automated Email Summary

Imagine waking up every morning and see the summary of the fleet right at your fingertips. How convenient is that?

At this juncture, there are two kinds of email summaries available for KATSANA Fleet™ users.

Fleet Speed Violation Email

Travel Summary: A table that lists all vehicles, together with the Max Speed (in km/h), Distance of travel (in km), and Total Odometer value.

Violation Summary: A table that lists all vehicles, together with the total number of violations by category.

These two summaries can be configured to be delivered Daily or Monthly to your email.

Enabling email summary for Fleet

Fleet Notification settings

To start receiving these email summaries, simply head to KATSANA Fleet section and click on the Fleet Settings link (highlight in pink, as above.

Edit Fleet email alerts

After that, go to the Notifications tab. There you will see 4 options to be configured. Select your preferred options and press Submit. Once submitted, KATSANA will send you email summaries at 1:00am every night (GMT +8, Kuala Lumpur) and another email at the end of every month.

Two minor features for FleetPro™

Apart from the fleet speed and violation summary email, we have added two more minor features for FleetPro™ users.

Allow Service records to be Printed: An ability for the service list to be printed has been added.

Allow Service record to be exported to CSV: And similarly, the service list can also be exported to CSV (Microsoft Excel-compatible) format.

Thats it for now. As always, drive safe.

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