Sharing vehicle location to friends and family, and Low battery alert |

Since the release 3 months ago, KATSANA v4.0 Carbon has seen numerous features added to the platform. We are now excited to announce a new Social Sharing feature is now available since 9th May 2016.

Social vehicle sharing

Social sharing means you can now share the location of the car to your friends and families. This is useful in numerous situations, for example:

  • a. You are heading back home for holiday. With Social Sharing, you can provide family members with the current location of your car. Your family now knows your whereabout without having to constantly bug or call.
  • b. In the event of an emergency, the link can be used to identify the current location of the car. Say you have an incident that require the car to be towed away, you can share the link to the tow truck or emergency response unit. They will know exactly where you are, and once the vehicle is towed, you as an owner will have a peace of mind knowing that your car is constantly tracked by KATSANA.
  • c. Car being hijacked or stolen. With Social sharing, a link can be generated and shared among your friends, family and also police squad. They can see the live location of the car as it is tracked by KATSANA, and further share it among their network. Imagine how helpful it is for the police to recover your car when they know the exact location of the car.

Not only that, Social Sharing is also useful for Enterprise users. A business owner can now share the location of delivery vehicles, allowing customers to better estimate arrival time of the vehicle. It will drastically improve the perception of your service, making it look professional and technologically advanced compared to any other logistic service in the market.

Share stolen car location on Facebook

The generated link can be shared on Facebook, Whatsapp, KakaoTalk or any other digital channels. When the link of the stolen car is shared on social channel, there will be a map link together with your description. Anyone that clicks on the link can see the live location of the car, and they can also re-share the link among their friends.

Share stolen car location on Facebook.

Low battery notification

If you are lucky (or unlucky, your take), you may have received an SMS alert from KATSANA within this month. The new SMS alert will notify users whenever the car battery is running out of juice (normal if the battery is around 2+ years old), or there is a sudden drop of battery level (worrisome because there is a potential that your car is being tempered with).

Low battery notification

In both cases, KATSANA will send an SMS alert together with the voltage of the vehicle.

However do take note that for the alert to be successfully sent, you need to use a valid phone number.

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