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iPhone app for Katsana GPS Tracker

The Katsana Team would like to welcome an old face; a person that we have known for years for his prowess in mobile application development, Ikmal Ezzani.

Ikmal iOS App developer

Ikmal is responsible to engineer Katsana’s mobile application for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) which would allow our users to quickly locate their vehicles, upload vehicle images and some really intuitive and beneficial features that we would not want to disclose yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Katsana would be the first and only GPS Tracking & Fleet Management system in Malaysia and South East Asia that envision, design and develop mobile applications on our own. Hence, this flexibility allows the Katsana team to explore features that no other systems have; providing you with highly advanced GPS tracking service at a much lower cost than conventional vehicle GPS tracking systems.

We are honoured to have Ikmal on our team and it is hoped that the participation will further strengthens Katsana’s mission to be the de-facto GPS Tracking System in Malaysia and regional countries.

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