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Protecting car against theft

Protecting your vehicle and assets using Katsana GPS Tracker

We often heard of carjackings in Malaysia, but are we prepared for it?

In this news article published in The Star, it explains the modus operandi of a carjacking gang that crashes onto the victim’s car, robbing the driver and driving off with the hijacked car. By installing Katsana GPS car tracker in your vehicle, you can be assured that in the event of carjacking, the police and you could easily follow the stolen car using Katsana Mobile App for iPhone and Android devices.

Katsana Tips in the unfortunate event that your car is hijacked

Should a mishap happen and your car is hijacked, we recommend these tips:

  • Do not attempt to negotiate with the criminal. You have valuable documents in the car? Let them take it. With Katsana GPS tracker, you will be able to track and retrieve the documents back with the help of police.
  • Do not attempt to take photos of them. If you are caught by the criminal in the midst of taking a picture, your phone could either be smashed, or taken away which leaves you with no medium to contact other people. Worse, your live could be in mortal danger because the criminals may see it as an act of counter-aggression.
  • The hijacker usually has more experience and has already planned this. Thus, try your best to stay calm, listen to the hijackers and follow their instruction. This will allow you a greater chance of surviving.
  • Remember that you can replace your belongings, but not your life. Let the hijacker flee with your vehicle because by using Katsana GPS tracker, you will be able to retrieve them back.

Fender-bender Gang, as reported by The Star

Written by Shaun Ho, August 29 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are on the hunt for a group of robbers dubbed the Fender-bender Gang who are said to be responsible for 37 vehicle theft and robbery cases since early this year.

The gang would use stolen luxury cars to bump into other luxury cars, and then make use of the opportunity when the drivers come out of their vehicles to inspect the damage.

According to Kuala Lumpur police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohmad Salleh, the gang would then rob the victims before escaping with the victims’ vehicles.

“They are responsible for some 37 cases around Kuala Lumpur. Typically, the vehicles stolen cost more than RM100,000 each,” he said at the Sentul district police’s Hari Raya do here yesterday.

SDC Mohmad said the police had identified seven men aged between 21 and 26 who were believed to be members of the gang.

“All seven have police records for other offences,” said SDC Mohmad, adding that the police were also requesting the assistance of the public to track down the suspects.

Those with information can contact the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters’ CID operation room at 016-6181 5556.

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