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Katsana powered by Heitech

A project of this scale would not materialize without the support of HeiTech Padu Berhad, Malaysia’s leading ICT player.

Katsana’s infrastructure is located at HeiTech’s owned and managed Tier-IV data center. It is Malaysia’s largest non-telecommunications service provider, with network services that support multi-protocol applications into one secure private network.

… we are storing 17,280,000 points per day.

Technical challenges in developing Katsana

Katsana boasts an almost real-time tracking feature that stores the location of your vehicles every 5 seconds. The kind of processing required behind storing your vehicles geolocation data is mind-boggling. Here’s a quick example:

Each car will ping/connect to our server every 5 seconds.
That means we will store 12 positions of the car in a minute.
In an hour, we have 720 points associated with your car.
In a day, it would translate into 17,280 points for each tracking device.
Imagine having to store the location for 1000 cars.
It would mean we are storing 17,280,000 points per day.

In order for us to grow and scale well, HeiTech is the perfect solution for us. For the project to succeed, we require a strong backbone and backing that can only be acquired through good work- ing relationship and understanding with Heitech Padu Berhad.

As shown, this project may encounter technical challenges in term of scaling that will definitely be an interesting experiment for us to solve and share with the rest of Heitech’s technical team.

We hope that our startup will be a great case study and a successful show-of-prowess by Heitech in showcasing its ability to host such a performance intensive and scalable web application to future customers.

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