September 09, 2013

Vehicle theft on the rise, Track your vehicle using Katsana GPS Tracker

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According to an article by New Straits Times, popular vehicles to be stolen & targeted by thieves are:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser II
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Toyota Avanza
  • Toyota Unser
  • Toyota Wish
  • Perodua Kancil

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Written by Dennis Wong for New Straits Times Press on April 07 2013

WORRYING: 4WD, MPVs and Kancil are targets

KUCHING: OWNERS of four-wheel drive and multi-purpose vehicles should be extra vigilant as vehicle theft is on the rise here.
Among the vehicles that were popular with thieves were the Toyota Land Cruiser II, Mitsubishi Pajero, double cabin pickup trucks like the Toyota Hilux, MPVs such as Toyota Avanza, Unser and Wish, and even Perodua Kancil.
Statistics showed that vehicle theft was on the rise at 100 per cent, with MPVs and four-wheel drive vehicles being 74 per cent.
“It shows that demand is high for these types of vehicles,” said Kuching Police chief Assistant Commissioner Roslan Bek Ahmad.
Roslan said vehicles like the Kancil were used for spare parts, while the 4WD would be sold in plantations and the MPVs may be for the Kalimantan market.
Older models seem to be the vehicle of choice due to the lack of security measures.
“Most of the victims would tell us that they do not apply extra locks in their vehicles. Putting extra locks is a nuisance but it is better than losing the vehicles.
“Theft happens when the opportunity arises — like parking in a poorly lit area and, in most cases, no extra locks,” said Roslan when met after the “PDRM Bersama Pelanggan” programme in conjunction with the 206th Police Day Celebration at Plaza Merdeka yesterday.
Despite the rise in vehicle theft, the overall crime rate here was on the decline.
Cases such as snatch thefts had fallen by 58 per cent and house break-ins at night had fallen by 55 per cent.
“Generally, our crime index has seen a decrease of 12 per cent and this success is due to good public cooperation.
“However, we are not happy with the rise in vehicle theft,” said Roslan.
At the event, Roslan presented a cheque for RM21,200 to the Media Prima Lahad Datu Warriors Fund and a cheque for RM13,000 to Jabah Mingku, wife of slain policeman Deputy Superintendent Michael Padel.