May 25, 2022

Sunway Group Seeks GPS Tracking System Solutions With KATSANA®

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gps tracking for auxiliary services

In 2019, Sunway Group Berhad employed more than 1,400 auxiliary and plainclothes police officers & security guards to conduct 24-hour patrol sessions. This enormous investment is for the security and well-being of employees, residents, and visitors in its Sunway townships across Malaysia. Fast forward to 2021, they seek KATSANA® out to provide GPS Tracking System as a solution to digitize its fleet operations and improve its security services.

KATSANA® is engineered to modernize vehicle and asset location tracking for businesses of all sizes in improving management of fleet operations.

Before Sunway found KATSANA®, they relied on paper-based travel logs to analyze patrolling activities and verify vehicle locations against the timesheets. Over time, they noticed inconsistencies in these travel logs and wondered if this could have led to inefficient operation costs. This traditional process limits them from proper fleet management, such as access to the live status of vehicles, monitoring driver behavior, and regulation of vehicle use.

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Since KATSANA®, Sunway’s fleet managers are able to monitor drivers and vehicles in real-time and better control their operational costs. Additionally, our solution helped them improve driver productivity and reduce unauthorized use of fleet vehicles.

About Sunway Group

Sunway Group Berhad, founded in 1974, is one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates with a core interest in construction, property, healthcare, and education. The company is established on the concept of sustainable development. The development began on a tin-mining wasteland into a smart, integrated, and sustainable township. In addition to the main objective, Sunway is looking toward continuously improving the quality of life of our communities. A part of this effort includes providing security services for all its employees, residents, and visitors of its township.

The partnership between Sunway Group and KATSANA® Fleet Services Sdn. Bhd.

gps tracking for sunway

The partnership saw Sunway Group Berhad incorporating KATSANA® Fleet Services to digitize its fleet operations, enhancing its security services within Sunway townships. Through a 14-day pilot program, they gradually migrated to using the KATSANA® Fleet GPS Tracking platform from paper-based travel logs. It did not take long for the fleet managers to adapt as the platform is user-friendly and proved to simplify the previously challenging process of analyzing relevant data.

Challenges faced before using KATSANA® GPS Tracking System

Without a proper Fleet Management System, Sunway has had to deal with difficulties in the areas below:

Inefficient paper-based process. – Sunway have had to rely on manual entry by their drivers to record daily patrolling activities. This method is not ideal because the data is not recorded in real-time and is usually prone to human errors. Fleet managers face difficulty to verify the location of vehicles against the recorded timesheets.

Manual analysis and reporting. – Their fleet managers also needed to deal with the time-consuming process of producing reports as the data is paper-based. Consequently, it becomes challenging for fleet managers to quickly detect inefficiencies and make decisions that could reduce operating costs. For example, Sunway had issues with its driver’s practice of excessive idling leading to higher fuel consumption (refer to the image below). This issue could have been avoided if they had access to data in real-time to act on quickly.

gps tracking for idle report

Driver management and behavior monitoring. – Regardless of fleet size, managing fleet drivers without a proper GPS Tracking System is always challenging. There are many rooms for inconsistent details, communication breakdowns, and risks to the security of vehicles and drivers. Sunway needed this requirement to allow its fleet managers to monitor and coach their fleet drivers in order to make sure that operations run smoothly with minimal issues.

Unauthorized use of vehicles. – Using company vehicles for a quick run to settle personal errands may look like a minor issue. However, this can snowball into causing high operation costs when more drivers start to follow the same behavior frequently. Sunway needed a platform to manage how its drivers utilize the vehicle.

Breaking barriers with fleet management system

topology of gps tracking for auxiliary services

Vehicle monitoring and driver management

KATSANA® Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Platform allows fleet managers to easily monitor and coordinate the entire fleet vehicle within the parameter. This platform enables Sunway fleet managers to ensure that all the auxiliary vehicles complete each checkpoint during patrolling activities.

Additionally, data on driving performance or fuel consumption gives them visibility over how their employees drive the vehicles. For example, fleet managers that detect unusual driving patterns can take immediate measures to coach their auxiliary police on safe driving during the patrolling activity.

Regulating vehicle utilization for operational use

Vehicles equipped with an advanced GPS Tracking System give fleet managers an advantage in vehicle utilization. Upon meeting representatives from Sunway, they highlighted the importance of controlling how drivers use their vehicles.

This requirement ensures their fleet vehicles are used solely for patrolling and attending to incidents within the parameter. The KATSANA® Policy and Violations system helps fleet managers enable a geofence system to highlight offenses such as traveling outside the authorized parameter.

Reducing operation costs with automation

When you think of reports, you think of the time taken into their construction as the tedious process usually involves manually compiling, filtering, analyzing data, and producing digestible results. KATSANA® Report Automation presents accurate data in real-time for fleet managers to make quick, cost-efficient decisions.

For Sunway Group, this feature uncovers the idle time of each patrol vehicle driven by all of their auxiliary police. Leaving the engine running wastes fuel and harms the engine wear and tear over time, increasing maintenance costs. Fleet managers can use this data to detect drivers who exceed the allowed idle time and act toward correcting the issue.

Benefits of GPS Tracking System for Auxiliary Services

benefits of fleet management platform

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