Introducing KATSANA version 4.0, codename: Carbon! |

New GPS Tracking Dashboard

We are proud to announce immediate availability of KATSANA™ version 4.0 (Codename: Carbon) to all our customers. 8 months in the making, this is the best ever improvement in the history of KATSANA.

This version saw the biggest ever re-design of KATSANA that affects almost every single aspect of the user interface, information architecture, and everything else in between. A number of features implemented in this new version are taken directly from suggestions and inputs from you, our dear users.

Login to Live GPS tracking System

KATSANA now comes in two flavors

Personal vehicle owners

01 Access to Track Dashboard.

02 May contain multiple vehicles in an account.

03 Access to Violations, Usage, and Simplified Vehicle list.

Fleet & enterprise operations

01 Access to Track and Fleet Dashboard.

02 Ability to view detailed summary of vehicle status for the entire fleet.

03 Ability to view detailed summary of violations for the entire fleet.

Existing users that have multiple vehicles in the account, you will be upgraded to KATSANA Fleet™ at no cost. Charges apply for subsequent upgrades, new vehicles and new users.
Access to KATSANA Fleet™ will be rolled out in stages.

Mobile app for GPS tracker KATSANA v4.0 also has a revamped interface on smart phones, allowing you to view past movement of the vehicle too. GPS Tracking app on ipad

Quick overview of improvements in KATSANA v4.0 Carbon

  • New KATSANA Track™ and KATSANA Fleet™
  • New Live tracking & Route history page
  • New stoppage detection algorithm
  • Improved smart search capability
  • Improved mobile experience with ability to view route history on mobile
  • New mobile cability which allow users to print reports directly through mobile/tablets.
  • Improved violations list page
  • New vehicle utilisation + fuel monitoring page
  • New Fleet Dashboard
  • New Fleet Utilisation summary
  • New Fleet Violation summary

KATSANA Track™ – A modern, intuitive GPS tracking platform that makes sense

Latest GPS Tracking System

For the past 2 years (ie since the birth of KATSANA), our interface was geared towards making an easy-to-use tracking system. As a result, vehicle’s location was put at the center and being the first page loaded after a user login.

Vehicle Information bar

Version 4.0 Carbon further strengthen the narrative. We celebrate vehicle data by making it easily discoverable and understandable. By doing this, users can quickly detect irregular behavior simply by glancing at the graphs. Graphs within the infobar display:

  • Daily maximum speed achieved for the past 14 days
  • Daily distance travelled for the past 14 days
  • Total daily violations the past 14 days

Detailed vehicle information

The graphs in the infobar are designed to allow you to identify irregularities quickly. Simply hovering on a bar chart will display the value (be it distance, maximum speed, or total violations) for the particular day. In Max Speed graph, 4.0 Carbon automatically highlights days that exceed 110km/h.

Clicking on the bar chart will show you the route for the selected day.
New features – Vehicle Battery level information, and GSM level quality is at the bottom of the infobar.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing < or > will show you the travel history of the vehicle; the day before and the day after, respectively.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing ‘D for Display’ will Display the tooltip for all markers on the map.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing ‘F for Find’ and followed by Vehicle Plate or Vehicle Description will trigger the search field.

Different marker color for different vehicle status

Vehicle markers

By now, you must have noticed that we have 3 marker colors that are indicative of the vehicle’s status.

  • Gray: The vehicle has stopped for over 15 minutes.
  • Green: The vehicle is active and on the move (has speed).
  • Red: The vehicle is active but is stopping for less than 15 minutes.

Detailed travel history information

Much improved travel route page

Admittedly, the travel history page in previous version of KATSANA left a lot to be desired. Learning from past experience, we have now separated stoppage incidents into trips.Each trip has start/stop time & location, duration, distance and violations.

We still have a few more plans with regard to this page after the release of 4.0 Carbon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Far improved algorithm to detect start & stop location

GPS tracking algorithm

Underneath the hood, we have further improved the algorithm used to detect stoppage locations. If you recall, we had trouble identifying stoppage location if the vehicle enters GPS-free areas such as basements and buildings. We are happy to say that this issue has been fixed.

Keyboard shortcut – Pressing ‘T for Travel’ will display or hide the Travel log section.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing ‘D for Display ‘ will Display the tooltip for all markers on the map.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing ‘X for Track’ will open the tracking page of the vehicle.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing < or > will show you the travel history of the vehicle; the day before and the day after, respectively.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing ‘F for Find’ and followed by Vehicle Plate or Vehicle Description will trigger the search field.

Violation list in a time-series chart

Violation lists allow users to quickly see the total daily violation for the entire month. The bar is color-coded based on the type of violations. On top of that, you can filter violations by certain types and the graph will gracefully update based on your selection. Give it a try, looks pretty neat!

You may click on the chart to view the detailed information for a specific day.
Keyboard shortcut – Pressing < or > will filter the violation chart by month.

Vehicle usage and utilization information

Advanced Fuel Monitoring System

The usage page allows users to have a complete overview of the distance travelled for the month in comparison to the fuel level of the vehicle.

Note: Fuel level information is only available for vehicles that have fuel sensors intalled. Vehicles that have no fuel data will only see distance graph.

Keyboard shortcut – Pressing < or > will filter the usage chart by month.

Detect fuel level and usage

KATSANA automatically identifies refueling activities, and highlights any potential fuel siphoning incidents. You may zoom in and pans the graph to dig deeper into the data.

Simplified vehicle list

New Vehicle List page

The simplified vehicle list provide users with an overview of all vehicles within the account. It will show the current speed, it’s status, location and also time of last update.

KATSANA Fleet™ – Powerful insight into driving behavior and risk scoring

Fleet management dashboard

KATSANA Fleet™ is an extension of KATSANA Track™. Available as paid upgrade, KATSANA Fleet™ is developed to cater for the needs of enterprises that handle fleet of vehicles. In this first release of KATSANA Fleet™, existing users of KATSANA that have multiple vehicles in the account has been upgraded to KATSANA Fleet™ free-of-charge.

Optimized for fleet of vehicles

GPS Top Speed

Compared to KATSANA Track™ where a specific vehicle is at the center of attention, KATSANA Fleet™ puts data from numerous vehicles into a single cleanly designed dashboard. Actionable data from all vehicles are retrieved and summarised in this dashboard, allowing a fleet operator to have a glanceable overview of the fleet health and status.

  • Top three maximum speed for the selected date.
  • Top three distance for the selected date.
  • Top three violations for the selected date
  • Top six violations for the selected month
  • Total violations by type for the selected month

Fleet Utilization Summary

Fleet Summary with odometer

In previous version of KATSANA, we realized that although data about each vehicle is available within their profile, there was no feature that allow a fleet manager to view the data from the whole segment of the fleet.

Thus in KATSANA Fleet™, staying true to the mission of being in information silo, we have added a Fleet Utilization summary. This page contains:

  • List of all vehicles
  • The status of vehicles (Speed, Movement/Idling/Parked) and the duration of the status.
  • Top speed for today
  • Distance today
  • Distance for the month
  • Total distance/Odomerter
  • Last updated location

Fleet Violation Summary

Fleet Violation summary

In resonance to Fleet Utilisation summary, we have added Fleet Violation Summary to list all vehicles together with their violation statistics.

The accompanying graph allows you to see the improvement of violations over the course of one year on KATSANA.

Smart search filter with auto-completion

Smart filter to search for vehicles

In 4.0 Carbon, we have further improved existing Smart search filter to provide users with more data while searching for vehicles.

Try this: Press ‘F’ on your keyboard and type naturally. After pressing F, key-in your vehicle plate number and you will see how our smart search filters vehicle accordingly.

Smart filter animation

The data that is displayed within the result result are: Vehicle image, Vehicle plate number, Vehicle description, its location and its current speed.

Pressing ‘F’ followed by the vehicle plate will allow you to quickly focus on that vehicle.

Detection of fuel siphoning

Support for mobile print from iPad and tablets

You can now print reports from the convenience of iPad and tablets. Once the print button is clicked, KATSANA will generate a print-friendly interface that fits nicely on A4 papers.

Print report from iPad

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