Commencing beta phase for KATSANA telematics app |

GPS tracking app

Over 7 months in the making, we are excited to inform that Beta version of KATSANA’s next generation iOS GPS Tracking/Advanced Telematics app has been released today.

The Beta app can be installed through Apple’s Testflight program and is limited to the first 2000 beta contributors who have applied to our program a few weeks ago.

Installing the vehicle tracking app on iOS

To get access to early builds of the app, you first need to be a beta tester & an active subscriber of KATSANA vehicle tracking service. To apply, send us an email to and state your AppleID.

Install vehicle tracking system

Once your application is approved, an email will be sent by Apple. Press on Start Testing button that redirects you to You will then asked to install Testflight app, an official app by Apple that contains KATSANA.

Upon installation of Testflight app, KATSANA’s new iOS app will be available for you to install (if it is not installed automatically).

Whats new in the latest live GPS tracking app?

This new advanced GPS tracking app is a big departure from its humble v1.0 root. Apart from a major shift in design and usability, it also focuses on improved notifications, detailed vehicle movement information, and relies heavily on KATSANA’s new set of APIs.

The aim in KATSANA iOS app v2.0 is to expose more usable and actionable data to our users. The changes are aplenty. Lets go through some of them

Live vehicle tracking section of the app

We have put a lot of effort to make an intuitive and smooth vehicle tracking experience within this new app.
a. Users can now view multiple vehicles on a single map.
b. Vehicle markers are easily distinguishable from the other by using the actual image of the vehicle, and its vehicle registration number.
c. Detailed vehicle utilisation information, in form of total working hour for the day, total distance, maximum speed, and average speed of the vehicle
d. Also, total vehicle idling hour in the entire day summary (provided that your KATSANA Beacon device has ignition sensor installed)
e. Detailed start & stop information for each trip
f. Vehicle listing with live ignition/movement status & summary
g. Route animation to show the sequence of movement (ultra smooth animation, we kid not)

Live activity stream with much improved vehicle alerts and notification list

We listened to your suggestion and have now added a live activity stream that pulls the behavior record of your vehicles. For now, the stream will show:
a. Trip start information.
b. Harsh braking alert (for FleetPro™ users)
c. Harsh acceleration alert (for FleetPro™ users)
d. Sudden braking alert (for FleetPro™ users)
e. Low battery alert

The stream comes with a powerful notification configurator that allows a granular selection of alerts that you want to receive. For example, you may want to receive trip start alerts for private vehicles in your account, while not wanting to receive trip start alerts for company owned vehicles (if you have multiple vehicles in the account).

Each stream is linked to an actual location which means tapping on any stream alert will redirect you to the related activity in the map. Imagine getting a harsh acceleration alert (available for FleetPro™ users), and knowing exactly where the vehicle accelerates too fast. Isnt it helpful for fleet managers?

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