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Negligence by companies is one of the contributing factors to road accidents. This negligence can seriously cause injury to drivers, passengers, and others sharing the road. The Global Status Report on Road Safety published by the World Health Organization (WHO)  reported that Malaysia had 7,152 deaths in 2016. Do you know that Malaysia has the third highest fatality rate from road accidents in Asia and Asian, behind Thailand and Vietnam? Out of 27 million vehicles, 1 million heavy trucks and 50 thousand over buses are involved in road accidents.

Below are the most common causes of road accidents:

Driver’s Violations on the road

  • Speeding or running a red light
  • Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol
  • Aggressive driving such as running out of a lane lost control of a vehicle due to cargo shift &, etc
  • Fatigue and lack of sleep
  • Exceeding truck/cargo weight limits
  • Driver’s inexperience with roads

Poor Maintenance & Inspection of the vehicle

  • Brake & Tire failure
  • Light failures & missing reflectors
  • Defected steering equipment’s
  • Default in straps & equipment that secures the loads

Failing to compliant to APAD regulations of vehicle and driver safety

  • Hiring unqualified drivers
  • Exceeds the limit of working hours
  • Working under unfavorable weather/road conditions
  • Failing to follow the truck length, size and loads

By implementing an effective Fleet Management System that gives a direct impact on profitability. With the right telematics data, you can reduce the cost of road accidents, improve driver safety, save on vehicle maintenance and improve the fleet’s operations.

Here at KATSANA®,  we can help to prevent road accidents and enhance driver behavior and increase productivity. Get started on saving by scheduling a free consultation. There are no costs involved.




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