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Enterprise Sales

Heizal Hamid is one of our new additions to the Sales and Marketing team. The tall and sophisticated man came from a very interesting background; previously he served Mtouche Technology Sdn Bhd as one of their Senior Manager of Business Development.

Heizal’s years of serving Mtouche shaped him to become a very aggressive team player. He rarely accepts “no” as an answer and will always break any walls that blocks him from achieving his target. With his experiences and expertise, we believe that he will approach the marketing at a different angle and helps KATSANA’s business development to expand exponentially.

Enterprise Sales

When he’s not buried in phone calls and paper works, Heizal loves to travel. The melody of unfamiliar languages, the smell of new beaches, and the traditions of alternative culture helps him to expand his horizon and views. This, in turn, enriches his life and teaches him to view any situation at a multiple perspective.

The KATSANA team is honored to have Heizal as part of it’s family. Welcome, Heizal!

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