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Top startups in South East Asia

KATSANA has been selected by Vulcan Post to be among 12 startups that they liked best during MaGIC Accelerator Program 2015.

Vulcan Post and KATSANA

Tuesday, 17th November 2015
Written by Anna Lee
Published by The Vulcan Post


This startup recognises a big problem that Malaysians face on the roads, and that is Malaysian drivers are #1 in the world when it comes to accident and car crashes. To make it worse, Malaysian vehicle theft is #6 in the world.

Katsana uses an advanced GPS tracking system to solve these problems by enabling an in-depth analysis of driver behaviours and this will in turn create drivers who are more aware of their driving habits. With their current experience with GPS tracking for companies and enterprises, they process over 6,000,000 location data daily to score drivers based on risks.

Thus far, they have achieved 1200+ vehicles on the road now which utilises Katsana, as well as 97.8% recovery rate of car theft. Another plus point is that they are already cash-positive!

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