Astro Awani / Agenda Awani - Malaysia National Budget 2015 |

Malaysia Nation Budget 2015

The founder of KATSANA, Syed Ahmad Fuqaha has been invited to share his thoughts on 2015 Malaysia National Budget in the eyes of an entrepreneur.

The live discussion was shown on Astro Awani / Agenda Awani segment at 9:00PM primetime, October 26 2015.

It is an honor for KATSANA to be invited twice in a row by Astro Awani. Please browse the entire article for the interview.

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Syed Ahmad Fuqaha making a point that there has never been a good time to do business. Business is all about management of risk, and a seemingly bad time may be a good and opportune time for someone else.

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He further elaborates that Malaysian startups are poised for breakout as major sales and IPOs in South East Asia are mostly by Malaysian tech companies.

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