November 23, 2017

UX Workshop and 2018 Strategizing at Langkawi

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In preparation for 2018, The KATSANA® head of departments spent a week at the island of white sandy beaches, Langkawi, Malaysia. Primarily meant as a dedicated UX workshop session with the esteemed Stampede-Design team, the retreat is meant to discover the core values of Katsana.

Golden Circle – Why? How? What?

The workshop began with a Golden Circle session to discover the reason why we do what we do. The golden circle concept is made popular by Simon Sinek.

The ‘Why’ is subliminal, an intrinsic desire that is shared across the team. It is not about money, its about a purpose, a result, a cause or a belief. This is the reason of existence of any focused/strong organization.

Making roads safer using data and insight

While the team has engineered several telematics solutions (KATSANA Track – the best car GPS tracker in Malaysia, KATSANA Fleet – Advanced Fleet Management Solutions for enterprises, and DriveMark – Usage-based Insurance solutions for forward thinking insurers), little did we realise they all revolves around a single omnipresent theme, which is road safety and the quest to make roads safer using data and insight.

Malaysia has the 18th highest road fatalities in the world. Katsana wants to make Malaysian roads safer

KATSANA® was started with just a simple idea of tracking stolen cars using GPS tracking technology. Being well versed in web and application development, we knew that data will play a big role in vehicle telematics. That will set Katsana apart from similar vehicle tracking solutions.

We however underestimated the value of collected data and analytics that were developed to cater to our Fleet Management customers. Apparently driver behavior scoring system in Katsana worked so well that it can easily be extended for insurance purposes.

The journey is still a long way from the finish line. Yet we are discovering more values all the time. The team is now laser focused with a mission to help drivers become better thus creating safer roads for all.

The outcome of the two days UX workshop.