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Katsana has been featured in Astro Awani last April, 2014.

Astro Awani In Gear, Season 4 Episode 10

Part 1: Is this the best GPS Tracker in Malaysia? Katsana

0:05: Ok, the next segment is coming up and unfortunately it will give you a little bit more stress because I lost something.

0:30: This is really exciting because we found a very interesting driving route that we are going to show you. This road is going to be perfect to show you what the car can do and we are going to take a short drive…

0:48: Dude, dude, where’s my car? I left it here! I dont have my car.

1:00: You know what, my car is fitted with a GPS Tracker (Katsana) and we are going to find it. Im going to find the person who stole my car. Alright, lets go.

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1:18: Abang, kereta hilang! Nak pergi cari kereta, boleh?

1:50: So, we are on the way right now. Let me just recap what has just happened. We are going to go for a drive and I borrowed my friends car and it got jacked. Luckily, it is equiped with a GPS tracker and I have the means to track the car down using this phone that I have now.

2:10: This new GPS tracker is generally new in the market and it is called Katsana.

2:20: It is developed and brought in by a bunch of very enterprising Malay boys and it seems that the product (GPS Tracking system) is very well thought-off and very advanced considering what the competition offers in the country and I am talking about competitions inclusive of some of the better known brands out there.

2:42: So Katsana is the name of the GPS tracker brand that we are looking at today. We have Katsana fitted onto the stolen car, and at the moment I can access the GPS tracking surveillance system via this phone using a normal browser.

3:00: I can use this phone, an iPad, my laptop, or pretty much anything that would allow me to use a web browser. I can see exactly whats going on using this live tracking system.

3:13: The car that I’m driving (or the stolen car) is this WXX 9888 black Proton Inspira that has been fitted with Katsana GPS Tracker.

3:28: Using this interface, I can tell exactly where this car is going. The car is travelling at 12kmph and is alternating between 11kmph and 0kmph. I am guessing the crook who stole my car is currently stucked in the traffic jam. Not a very clever crook lah.

3:50: I guess the crook doesnt know that the car is fitted with Katsana GPS tracker.

4:00: What is the difference between Katsana GPS tracker compared to a lot of the other competitors out there? Number one, this tracking device updates the location of the car every 10 seconds.

4:10: Now picture this. A lot of other GPS tracking system out there updates the location every 3 minutes. Within 3 minutes, you can hide the car anywhere you want, especially in a city.

4:20: The modus operandi of the car theft syndicates is, if they were jacking your car and towing it away for example, they will disconnect the car battery. If the battery is disconnected, the owner of the car will get a warning notification.

4:35: How does it send an alert when the car battery is removed? Well it is because the device itself stores enough power within its internal battery to last anything between 4 to 6 hours.

4:50: The second scenario is, they (the car thieves) will drive away with your car immediately and will hide under the first underground basement that they can find. Then they will be able to disassemble the car.

5:00: The problem is (for regular GPS trackers), within three minutes the thieves can easily hide in underground carparks anywhere in the city. That is definitely not good.

5:15: Now with Katsana GPS Tracker, the window to hide is only ten seconds long so that way, you will be able to pin-point the exact location (or the entrance of the basement) much more accurately compared to any other GPS tracker in Malaysia.

5:25: For example, right now this vehicle is travelling at 27kmph and he is along Jalan Tun Razak. He is moving north, and we are also moving north. The fact that the location is updated every 10 seconds, really tells me he is driving up towards Istana Budaya (zooming in the map).

6:10: Now, there are two things that I can do with this information. I can either go and track this car myself, or I can call the authorities and relay this information to the authorities for them to do what is right.

6:20: For now, let us just follow this car and see how far we can track this car.

This is intense guys. Now tune in to the next week to find out if we manage to track the stolen car using Katsana advanced GPS Tracking system. GPS Tracker for buses

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