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Upgrading Katsana GPS Tracking server

Over the last few days, we have upgraded Katsana servers to prepare for future expansions in term of number of vehicles tracked by Katsana GPS, and also upcoming features that we are currently developing.

Since Katsana tracks and updates the location of your vehicles every 10 seconds (which is by far the fastest GPS update interval in Malaysia), we are dealing with massive amount of data that needs to be processed in real-time. With thousands of pings/data coming from tracked vehicles every minutes, Katsana employs a fusion of dedicated servers & cloud technology to ensure a smooth delivery of GPS tracking service to our customers.

As a quick statistic, each vehicle that is tracked using Katsana GPS Tracking and Fleet Management system will send the latest location to us every 10 seconds. Thus, in a day, we store up to 8000+ location data per vehicle. This location data may consist of speed information, latitude & longitude, GPS satellite status, GSM coverage status, battery voltage, start/stop information, and some proprietary information that we process with each data.

With that being said, in total, we process roughly 3.25 million raw data per vehicle each year. That is one massive amount of data that could easily categorize Katsana to be part of ‘big data’ services.

Katsana dedicated servers

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