August 01, 2018

TAKATA airbags recall

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TAKATA airbags are known to have caused complications among Honda car models. There are possibilities that other models such as Toyota, BMW, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Lexus are affected as well.

Is your car one of these models?

We strongly suggest that you get your car checked out in case airbags replacement is needed.

It is most likely that you will not get such notification directly from the car manufacturer if your car is purchased from associates or used car dealers.

Please do share this info with your family and friends as a safety measure against accidents. It is reported that the TAKATA airbag malfunction has resulted to 23 death counts to date.

Listed below are TAKATA airbags recall in accordance to car brands;

  1. HONDA : https://productrecall.honda.com.my/
  2. TOYOTA : https://toyota.com.my/aftersales-…/special-service-campaigns
  3. BMW : https://www.bmw.com.my/en/topics/bmw-owners/takataairbagtechnicalcampaign.html
  4. SUBARU : http://sites.subaru.asia/my/en/owners/aftersales/?pg=recall
  5. MAZDA : https://mazda.com.my/Community/takata-announcement.aspx?check=community
  6. NISSAN : http://servicecampaign.nissan.com.my/
  7. MITSUBISHI : http://mitsubishi-motors.com.my/mmm-takata-airbag-recall-lancer
  8. LEXUS : 1-800-88-53987 or visit www.lexus.com.my

In Malaysia, there are still 71,326 units of Honda cars that have not made any replacement of TAKATA airbags.

The cause of death is the fragments of the airbag blown towards the driver.

The Ministry of Transport has also made a statement whereby the listed car models that are fitted with TAKATA airbags will not be able to renew their road tax insurance as an initiative to reduce road accidents.

KATSANA is encouraging you to check your vehicle airbags immediately for your own safety.