June 22, 2021

Real-time Driver Tracking for Your Fleet Operations

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Real-time driver tracking for fleet operations

Many affected Malaysian businesses are pressured with high operational costs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A tracking solution is a good method to keep the costs low and reduce distribution risks hence why it is important to conduct driver tracking as a way to monitor fleet movement.
Driver tracking solutions:

  • Employers are able to manage their drivers from a single platform.
  • Employees are responsible to monitor their own activities.


The most common challenge for many fleet managers is to keep an employee or the assigned driver of each vehicle accountable for their working hours and driving activities by:

  • Recording duration of driving hours and time log.
  • Tracking driving activity.
  • Analysing data to improve operational efficiency.

These actions require the use of hardcopy timesheets, time logs, clocking in/out machines and old-fashioned filing. The adverse effects of the methods are:

  • Delayed tasks caused by employees’ forgetfulness.
  • Unreadable handwriting causes writing errors.
  • Data inaccuracies.
  • Dishonest recordings by employees.

This traditional approach is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. It sets businesses back from being able to explore better opportunities that could help with company growth and maximize profit.
Businesses are able to gain 360° visibility on their drivers’ actions and working hours with KATSANA® Driver Identification System.

Driver Tracking by KATSANA® Driver Identification System

Diver Tracking Framework by KATSANA Fleet Solution

KATSANA® Driver Tracking: Key Features

Driver identification system

  • Ensure only authorised drivers with RFID tags or Malaysia NRIC are allowed access to assigned vehicles.
  • Connect with a Remote Engine Shutdown and prevent unauthorised IDs from using the vehicle.

Automated drivers’ time tracking, monitoring, and management

  • An accurate and efficient method to record clocking.
  • Real-time tracking available anytime, anywhere via PC or smartphone.

No paperwork, no old-fashioned filing system

  • Data is recorded automatically into the system. No more vehicle misuse, dishonestly, pricey errors, or messy paper timesheets.
  • Fleet managers are able to track records/reports daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Cut costs on paperwork and HR administration overheads.

Specific authorization over machinery/equipment used

  • The system can be configured for access to machinery/equipment.
  • Helps to minimize the risk of machinery/equipment breakdown and prevent incurring higher service costs.

Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP)

Why KATSANA® Driver Tracking?

Driver Tracking on KATSANA® Platform
Empowers your employees through accountability

  • Employees are responsible for executing their tasks properly.
  • Fleet managers monitor on the KATSANA® platform.

Keep your costs low and improve fleet operations

  • Better control over drivers’ working hours, preventing them from overworking or underworking.
  • Burnt-out drivers are accident-prone and put the business in a costly situation.
  • The system lessens the chances of drivers overclaiming on working hours.

Protect your drivers against emergency situations

  • Drivers will be able to send immediate alerts should they encounter any emergencies.
  • This helps to ensure drivers and goods in transit would receive the fastest help possible.

Maximize on-time delivery and improve service quality

  • Automated data captured allows fleet managers to monitor drivers and shipment status in real-time with maximum traceability.

See how KATSANA® can help you better manage your drivers to boost your business. Reach out to our friendly consultants or start your trial today!

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