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List of speeding violations in GPS tracker

We would like to wish you all a happy, happy new year 2015! May the year brings the best in fortune and be a prosperous year for all of us!

A few days ago, the Katsana Team has successfully deployed a new major version of Katsana™ Live GPS Tracking Platform (Version 2.2). This freshly baked version contains one highly requested reporting feature, which is the ability to export Violation Logs into PDF. As always, this new feature has been made available to all existing users of Katsana.

Overview of Policy features in Katsana™ Live Tracking Platform

Policy Enforcement is envisioned to play a major role in future versions of Katsana™ by providing our users with a modern, hassle-free method to monitor their fleet of vehicles. We put a lot of efforts into ensuring that fleet operators would no be longer tied to their desks to observe vehicles 24/7. The big idea is, Katsana will send an instant notification the moment any of the Policies are violated hence freeing fleet operators from mundane tasks. Fleet Management System for the 21st century!

v2.0Policy Enforcement feature was first introduced in Katsana version 2.0, back in August 2014 starting with the most important policy of all, the Speed Limit policy.

v2.1In Katsana™ version 2.1, we have extended the list of available policies to include Area Restriction policy, and Movement/Working Hour policy. Any violation of the Policies will be logged within the Vehicle Dashboard with utmost detail.

v2.2In this newest release (Version 2.2), fleet operators now have the ability to export the Violation log into PDF format, or simply print it out for documentation purposes.

v3.0In the future, we are hoping to introduce a cost-effective, friendly and modern notification capability to fleet operators. This will be the target for future improvements in Katsana™.

A complete and thorough detail of violations

Fleet Management System

We hope to set new benchmarks and with this new Export feature, we have further improved the Violation log to provide you with a set of intimate details of your vehicle.

For each violation of Speed Policy, the set of information contains:

  • Start time: The time where the speeding incident is first detected.
  • End time: The time where the speeding incident ends.
  • Duration in hh:mm:ss: The duration of the incident. Note: Since Katsana™ updates every 10 seconds, we provide the most precise data compared to other solutions in the market.
  • Policy name: The name of the policy that the vehicle has violated.
  • Maximum speed: The maximum speed reached during the speeding incident.
  • Average speed: The average speed of the speeding incident. Note: This value is important because it provides a better overview of how the driver behaves as compared to referring to a single Max speed value.
  • Distance in km: The distance of the speeding incident.
  • Location address: The start location of the speeding incident.
  • Coordinates: The Latitude and Longitude of the start location of the incident.

Tutorial on exporting Policy Violations to PDF

In Katsana™ Fleet Management System, we strive to make daily operations to be as efficient as possible. One of the key elements in improving efficiency is by minimizing workflows to reach relevant data for your fleet of vehicles tracked by Katsana Advanced GPS Tracking system.

Fleet Management System - Violation List

To retrieve the Policy Violations for any particular vehicle within your fleet, follow these steps:

  1. Browse the Vehicle Profile page.
  2. Go to Violations tab.
  3. Select your preferred month and year.
  4. Click on Retrieve.
  5. You may then use the Export Violations button to generate a report.

Reports are generated at blazing speed.

Based on comments by our customers, we were told that their previous GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System often takes a few minutes to retrieve, process and generate a report that they need. We think that it is not efficient and is a waste of time.

One of the priorities in the new Report feature is the ability to generate relevant reports in mere seconds. To be able to do so, a lot of thoughts, experiments and man hour has been put to optimize our processes.

Thus we are happy to announce that in Katsana™ version 2.2, report generation is painless, blazingly fast, and saves you a lot of time in the long-run.

What does it took to generate a speeding violation report of a vehicle for the entire month? Easily less than a second.

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