January 10, 2024

BH Pragmatic Sdn Bhd – Delivering customer satisfaction

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Field Service Solution - Delivery Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and positive customer experience is crucial for any business and it plays a significant role in the success of the business. Providing good customer service does not just require the right mindset, but also continuous effort and investment in enablement technologies.

With this motivation in place, KATSANA is proud to be enabling BH Pragmatic Sdn Bhd, a forward-thinking company in the field services industry to provide good customer experience through implementation of fleet management system in the company.

About BH Pragmatic Sdn Bhd

BH Pragmatic Sdn Bhd is a water treatment company that focuses on plumbing maintenance, restoration, and diverse water services for domestic and industrial clients. The company plays a crucial role in addressing high water demand in Malaysia year by year. Prioritising punctuality, customer satisfaction, and workforce productivity, it aims to elevate its operational efficiency further by integrating KATSANA Fleet Management System. This new strategy ensures seamless coordination and outstanding performance in every facet of their dynamic water treatment and restoration services.

BH Pragmatic - a water services company
BH Pragmatic – a water services company
Fleet Management Review
Fleet Management Review

Review of KATSANA Fleet Management System

“The engagement of KATSANA Sales and Customer Success Team are outstanding and friendly. KATSANA Fleet Management System is helpful in our business operation to detect the driver’s location and assign the respective driver to the nearest location.”

Lina Silvaras
General Assistant (Transport)
BH Pragmatic Sdn Bhd

Why Field Services companies rely on KATSANA Fleet Solutions as part of Customer Satisfaction strategy?

Location real-time location of your field service personnel to customers
Location real-time location of your field service personnel to customers

Punctuality and Timeliness:  The primary motivation for field services companies to implement KATSANA Fleet Solutions is to ensure punctuality of its field service personnels. KATSANA allows service companies to keep track the location of service personnels in real-time through its fastest update interval in the market.

Review historical movement route: With the longest storage of location data in the market of up to 24 months (standard vehicle tracking systems typically offer up to 3 months of storage), fleet operators can go back to the past to review any incidence or customer complaints. This is also beneficial in event of litigations as it provides plenty of evidence to support your legal arguments.

Sharing of real-time location to customers: KATSANA has one neat feature that is developed for field service companies; sharing of real-time location to your customers. Using this feature, the fleet operator can create a temporary unique link that can be shared to customers using popular messaging services such as Whatsapp/Telegram or SMS. Customers are then able to view the current location of service personnels in real-time, alleviating any need to constantly bug your service personnel for estimated time of arrival (ETA).

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