July 21, 2021

COVID-19: 4 Ways To Maintain Fleet Safety

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4 Ways to Maintain Fleet Safety

The OPEC oil embargoes (1973 and 1979) and Malaysia Recession (1985-1986 and 1998) are among the events that have caused a significant impact on the supply chain, logistics, and all other fleet-related industries.
The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the most significant disruption of the fleet industry in the year 2020. Fleet operators have to continue their operation with minimal costs while ensuring fleet safety despite the ongoing recession.

KATSANA® Fleet Management Solution for Fleet Safety

KATSANA® Fleet Management Solution is essential to help fleet companies work smart in these challenging times. Our fleet solution covers real-time vehicle movement, fuel costs, service, and maintenance, to tracing COVID-19 affected areas. Fleet management solution is definitely the most beneficial tool to adapt now.

1. Save costs with the right fleet management solution

The movement control order forces most retail stores to turn digital leading to a spike in logistic and distribution services
Cost Monitoring for better ROI
KATSANA® Fleet Management Solution monitors fuel costs, service and maintenance costs, efficient transportation routes, and driving behavior – the factors that contribute to revenue and cash flow.
Fleet Operation Productivity
KATSANA® Fleet Management Solution helps to streamline operations – including real-time fleet tracking, dashcam video, sensors, and IoT integration for a more cost-effective operation.

2. Real-Time Tracking of Vehicles, Drivers, and Goods; all done remotely

Movement Control Order forced fleet managers to seek alternatives to keep the business running while ensuring fleet safety as the top priority.
Real-time tracking for fleet safety
Real-time tracking
Scheduling, route optimization, and vehicle movement report can be accessed online via KATSANA® Fleet Management platform. Managers are able to get a comprehensive view of vehicle movement by time, location, start and stop.
Efficient scheduling
KATSANA® Fleet Management helps managers plan ahead instead of using paper-based transactions. This new practice encourages worker mobility, reduces physical contact and exchange of materials – some of the factors that caused the spread of the virus.
Route replay
This feature helps fleet managers to track drivers’ and vehicles movement. Route replay allows fleet managers to see whether drivers are using the right route and tack specific stops. Aside from this, it helps managers review the history of areas visited and assist with any contact tracing if any COVID-19 cases occur.

3. Mark areas with geofence and check-in with checkpoint

Geofence and checkpoint
Marking specific perimeter and checkpoints to ensure employees from exposure to COVID-19.
Real-time alerts of high risks areas or locations
Fleet managers will be alerted if existing or marked locations are categorized as COVID-19 red zones. Managers are able to monitor if vehicles are crossing, entering, or stopping the site so that immediate action can be taken. This helps to ensure fleet safety at all times.
Report and analysis
KATSANA® Fleet Management system produced reports that help managers to review vehicle movement trends. This exercise helps fleet operations operate in a low-risk manner and promotes a new normal among employees.

4. How dashcams help to reduce unnecessary expenses and improve fleet safety

Dashcams for extra fleet safety
Dashcams are standard equipment and have a big impact on cost savings and reducing liabilities.
Cost control
Drivers tend to drive safely when dashcams are installed. As a result, safe driving behaviour is enforced on drivers on top of ensuring uninterrupted goods delivery.
Reduce insurance liabilities
Control any loss of revenue with dashcams videos and visuals as these materials are evidence against fraud accidents.

COVID-19 pandemic has put many businesses operations in a very tough condition. Take control of the situation and ensure fleet safety with a fleet management system.
Reach out to us today. Let us know how we could help you to adapt to the new norms of fleet management.

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