GPS Tracker Installation Guidelines | KATSANA

Learn how to install KATSANA GPS Tracker

Installation of Katsana GPS Tracker is fairly straightforward and easy

GPS Tracker Installation Guidelines | KATSANA

Katsana GPS Tracker Installation Guidelines

Installation of Katsana GPS Tracker is fairly straightforward and easy. Simply power it up with a 12V (or 24V) DC constant power, this device will switch on automatically and start tracking your vehicle straightaway.

Other GPS tracking devices sold in Malaysia often require you to do relays, wire cutting and other modifications that will likely void the warranty of your vehicles. Katsana GPS/GLONASS tracker however is perfectly safe due to the reasons below. Plus, you can also hide it anywhere you desire within the car.

  • Katsana would only need a constant 12V (DC) power input from your vehicle. The ground cable can be tapped onto the vehicle’s chasis.
  • Katsana trackers do not require you to cut vehicle wires.
  • Katsana tracking device does not require you to create relays/tap into vehicle ECU/fuelling system. Typical GPS trackers in Malaysia that do all this will definitely void vehicle warranty.
  • Katsana GPS tracker can be hidden anywhere within the vehicle because you only need to power it up with 12VDC. You can hide Katsana tracker at the back, within the vehicle C-Pillar section, within the door, or any place that you can imagine. Common China-made GPS trackers are often installed at the same place, which is under the dashboard. This makes it easy for thief to locate and get rid of it.
  • Katsana GPS Tracker is weatherproof. Have we told you that our tracker is IP67 rated, meaning it can be dropped into 1 meter deep of water?

Wiring Diagrams

Connecting wires
  • Wires should be fastened to other wires or non-moving parts. Avoid heat emitting and moving objects near the wire.
  • The connection should be hidden properly. If factory isolation is removed while connecting wires, it should be applied again.
  • If the wires are placed at the exterior or places exposed to heat, humidity, dirt, etc., additional isolation should be applied.
  • Do not connect the wires to board computers or control units.
Connecting Power Source
  • Be sure that after the car computer falls asleep (usually in 5-30min period), power is still available on the chosen wire.
  • It is recommended to connect to main power cable in the fusebox.
Connecting Ground Wire
  • Ground wire is connected to the vehicle frame or metal parts that are fixed to the frame.
  • If the wire is fixed with bolt, the loop must be connected to the end of the wire.
  • For better contact, scrub paint from the place where loop is connected.
  • Connecting the power supply must be carried out on a low-impedance point on-board vehicle network. These points in the car are battery terminals.
  • Therefore, we recommend connecting the power of KAT3000 (POWER and GROUND wire) directly to the battery terminals.
  • Another valid option is to connect the wires to the main POWER cable inside the fusebox. GROUND wire must be connected in a special point, designed to connect GROUND wires.
  • Connecting GROUND at an arbitrary point to the car is unaccept- able, as static and dynamic potentials on the GROUND line will be unpredictable.

Recommended areas for Installation

Displayed are our recommended areas available within a car that can be used to hide Katsana Advanced GPS Tracker. For additional security, you may install in other areas your desire.

  • Do not place the unit under metal surfaces.
  • Do not install next to radio, speakers or alarm systems.
  • It must be rigidly mounted on the surface.
  • Do not place the unit next to heat or moving parts.
  • It is recommended to place the unit near areas open to the sky (dashboard, rear windscreen, C-Pillar areas, doors, etc)
  • Device can be placed in other areas of the vehicle (internally or externally in car, truck, motorcycle) wherever there is visibility to the satellites.
For added Protection
  • Thief would normally inspect the dashboard area for GPS tracking system. Thus, install the unit in random areas to minimize the chances of Katsana tracker being discovered.
  • Do not let people know the existence and whereabout of your GPS tracking unit.
  • Install connecting wires as discreetly as possible, making it less obvious and harder to notice
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