Stolen Honda Civic FD2R recovered within 2 hours |

Chronology of stolen Honda Civic FD2R

We are proud to announce that Katsana’s advanced GPS tracking technology has allowed us to track, locate and recover a stolen Honda Civic FD2R in the wee hours of April 1st 2014.

The car was stolen at 525am in Damansara, and we managed to visually locate the car being parked at a house in Putra Heights at 730 am, a mere 2 hours later.

Chronology of car theft involving a Honda Civic Type-R

5:30 am, April 1st 2014

The Katsana team received a distressed call reporting the loss of a 2 months old Honda Civic FD2R. The vehicle was stolen from the owner’s apartment in Damansara. The owner received two notifications of unwarranted movements that signalled the car being disturbed, and was currently moving outside of his apartment area.

Upon checking the status of the vehicle on Katsana Live Tracking Platform, we confirmed the validity of the report and noticed that the car was being driven towards Klang.

The Katsana team liaised with the nearest police station in Damansara to get hold of nearby police officers. Thanks to the fast 10-second update interval by Katsana, we were able to trace the car with utmost precision and able to view the travel log of the vehicle during the chase.

Live GPS Tracking system 6:00 am

We noticed that the thief drove the car at blazing speed upwards of 190kmph along KESAS highway. The car then made a U-turn and circled around Kota Kemuning and stopped at a nearby fast food restaurant and petrol station, probably to fuel up.

6:30 am

After a couple of fast sprints along KESAS highway, the car was then driven towards Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong, and then turned into Putra Heights.

Recover stolen car using Katsana 7:10 am

The vehicle entered a residential area and parked at a corner-lot terrace house. It seems that there was no motion left which means the vehicle has been stopped and no longer runs.

The Katsana team is mobilized to Putra Heights. At the same time, the vehicle owner and the cousin reached Putra Heights and liaised with the Putra Heights police to recover the car.

Car theft syndicate 7:15 am

An 8-man strong police team with high powered guns and Kevlar vests was able to spot the house. All visible entry and exit points were cordoned off to prevent any escape.

Seen within the vicinity of the house were the stolen Civic FD2R, another Civic FD2R and a Proton Perdana.

The team was not able to enter the house without permission by by higher level officers.

Malaysia police recover stolen car 11:15 am

The group of policemen grew with the arrival of a few other key persons. Green light was given to ambush and enter the house.

A male with his girlfriend were arrested for questioning. Soon after, the police managed to discover a hidden room, with two male occupants. They were suspected to be the culprit behind the stolen Civic FD2R with both having history of car thefts in police records.

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