Optimizing Enterprise Operations

Optimizing Enterprise Operations

Covid-19 SME Digital Relief by KATSANA®

COVID-19 Impact on SME Businesses In recent years, the deadly COVID-19 virus has shifted the way many businesses and organizations operate. As a result, many companies have to take extra cost-saving measures because of the current economic uncertainties. This action is to ensure the safety of their employees and the

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mdvr for fleets
According to Transport Statistics Malaysia, about 95% of road accidents involving vehicles is recorded in the year 2019 (type of vehicles involved are: lorry, van, cars, and motorcycles). Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham mentioned, “Since May 2020, the number of accidents has been growing to an average of 738…
Award and Recognition
Seven high-potential startups have been selected from around the world in the fields of smart mobility The INFINITI LAB Singapore program is a specifically tailored eight-week curriculum for the selected startups to learn more about INFINITI and the premium automotive space to allow entrepreneurs to pitch back to INFINITI…
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