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This is the first ever article on Katsana.com and hopefully is the precursor of many to come. There is no better opportunity for us to elaborate of Katsana, a state-of-the-art Vehicle GPS Tracking service for Malaysian drivers.

What is Katsana GPS Tracking Service?

Katsana is a intelligent and highly advanced GPS Tracking platform that is primarily used to locate the position of your vehicles. It is an indispensable tool in retrieving your car in the event that it is stolen, or taken forcefully from the owner/driver. Coupled with a number of other smart features, Katsana is the perfect security and monitoring tool for your vehicles.

How it all started

It all began approximately a year ago to this date. A close friend of mine had his Toyota Vios stolen in bright daylight while being parked at the roadside in Bangsar. To make matters worse, he also had a cache of important documents that are either one-off, or needing to go through government bureaucracy to re-produce them. It was certainly a massive headache.

Being a determined and resourceful person he is, he found out that his Touch’n’Go card was used at a particular highway toll, and later he was also able to get hold of some screenshots from PLUS highway concessionaire. The blurry picture tells one thing. The culprits were driving a generic yellow tow-truck, one that you often see daily in Malaysia. He failed to decipher the truck’s registration number, but lo and behold, his silver Toyota Vios was being towed at the back of the truck.

That was the last time he saw the car.

The epiphany for an affordable GPS Tracking service in Malaysia

This unfortunate incident got us thinking.

1. How hard can it be to equip cars with GPS trackers?

Apparently, it is not that difficult. We were already aware of some solutions available in the market back then. However, we were astounded to discover the cost of installation and subscription for these services. They are simply exorbitant and certainly is out of reach for the general public.

Some were charging up to RM6000 to install their GPS trackers, and on top of that, an additional RM100-300 per month of service fee. This is outrageous.

We believe that such a service should be made affordable for the general public, and should be priced fairly. Everyone be given the chance to protect their vehicles.Katsana Mission #1

2. Why are not more vehicles with GPS Trackers?

Apart from the financial burden as written above, it become apparent to us that most trackers available nowadays are intrusive and will definitely require extensive wiring and modification to your car. We feel that this is a dangerous and believe that at no point should a GPS tracking system void your car’s warranty.

In order to assure maximum value and safety for our customers, we make sure that our GPS tracking system:

  • can be installed with ease
  • require absolutely minimal wiring to the car, limited to powering up the device
  • will not alter the car’s electrical system nor interfere with the car’s ECU & engine area
  • removal of the tracker should be painless, without any hassle at all
  • in the event of defect, the tracker will not affect the car in any way at all
Our GPS tracking device shall not interfere with the vehicles electrical, fuelling, and drivetrain system in any way and will never void the car’s manufacturer’s warrany.Katsana Mission #2

What is behind the name ‘Katsana’?

‘Katsana’ is derived from ‘dekat sana’ in Malay, which is a short form of ‘over there’.

Being a local startup with high hopes to make it global, Katsana encapsulates the best of our Malaysian traits.

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