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Vehicle Travel Information

KATSANA Live Tracking Platform version 3.2.3 has been released on June 30, 2015.

The new version comes with one new user-focused feature, a number of system upgrades, and four bugfixes.

New Travel Log Report in Live GPS Tracking Platform

Travel log report

Travel Log Report is quite simply a report that lists down
a. The start time and start location of any travel for a particular day
b. The stop time and stop location
c. The distance of journey
d. The time duration of the journey
e. The Maximum speed of the journey

Viewing and accessing the travel log report is straightforward and easy. Simply review any travel history for a particular vehicle, and you will notice that there is a button for ‘Travel Log’ at the upper right corner of the map. Clicking on the option will produce a page that is optimized for printing purposes.

Major performance improvement on KATSANA Infrastructure

Realising that we are essentially running a major data collecting and crunching operation, infrastructure health is one of our KPIs to ensure a smooth and continuous delivery of service. Any new features and changes to the KATSANA platform are being implemented with strict understanding that it should not tax the infrastructure’s performance.

The Katsana team is on a neverending mission to improve our infrastructure’s performance even with new powerful features are being added constantly. In version 3.2.3, a major breakthrough is achieved by implementing a tip that was suggested by Taylor Otwell, the founder of Laravel Framework himself. Our lead developer, Mior who is a prominent contributor to Laravel began tinkering with the idea due to a noticeable performance tax as we began to add more features into Katsana.

What we did was converting our data cruncher from queue:listen to queue:work –daemon method.

The impact was DRASTIC.

CPU Usage on Katsana Core Previous day’s CPU utilization on one of KATSANA Core’s servers.

Notice that on this particular server, the crunching process frequently hovers from 30% to 70% of the CPU? And from time to time, it jumped to 100%? Lets see how the graph looks like after the optimization is implemeted.

Optimized Beanstalk process That is a drastic drop in queueing process! CP Load average

In previous versions of KATSANA Platform, a full crunching job will take up to 1 minute 40 seconds. In latest code, it now takes only 17 seconds. Blazing fast!

How will a user benefits from this optimizations?

Having a fast, fast data cruncher service would enable KATSANA Core to digest a lot more data, and does more complex crunching.

This would directly mean that we can implement new advanced GPS tracking capability onto Katsana platform without having to worry about the performance impact on our infrastructure.

With a few rather taxing features coming up (for example Active Fuel Monitoring capability), this is a very much welcomed finding.

Thats it for now. Adios!

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